Corporate Reviews


June 5, 2018  (Corporate Event, Los Angeles,  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is amazing to say the least! He’s such a personable guy and definitely a master of all things magic. I had the pleasure of watching him perform at a corporate function and he had us all baffled and entertained for hours! …the color cube was a trip!

I Highly recommend Rich for any function (you will not be disappointed!) and am looking forward to seeing him perform some day again soon!  Michael R


May 30, 2018  (Russian Festival – Hundreds of Adults and Kids, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

I was in some Russian event and saw Mr . Rich perform. It was amazing, real . We stay close and cannot understand how this happen.

Amazing perform! Thank you.  Natalia K


May 29, 2018  (​Huntington Library – Private VIP Event, Pasadena [5.0 star rating]

We absolutely love Rich. If you love magic, you have to see Rich. Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience the magic.

This was one of the most amazing experiences ever.  “The Critic”


May 13, 2018  (Temple Menorah Gala Fund Raiser Event, 250+ Adults, Redondo Beach  [5.0 star rating]

Saw Rich at Temple Menorah Gala. Super nice guy, great sense of humor and awesome close-up magic!!!

Highly recommend if you get a chance to see him perform.  Lisa S


May 11, 2018  (Holiday Office Party 225+ Adults, Rancho de las Palmas, Moorpark  [5.0 star rating]

Rich attended a work holiday party and he was mind blowing! He went around performing from table to table and he was super slick always guessing our “secret color” correctly.

He was super entertaining and was the highlight of the work event. Jessica M


May 8, 2018  (Corporate Event, Mr C’s Hotel, Beverly Hills,  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich’s performance at the open house for a real estate office. He had a full attention of all audience members! He was actively interacting and engaging everyone in his fabulous show! There were cards close up shows, magic tricks and a lot of laughs! Everyone had a blast!

I truly recommend Rich for your next party – he knows how to create fun!  Eva G


May 4,  2018  (Corporate Event, Valencia,  [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at the company party and he was amazing! I was trying to see if I could figure out his tricks but he is legit.

Our minds were blown away. Very entertaining!!  Susan V



April 27, 2018  (Corporate Event, Mr C’s Hotel, Beverly Hills,  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich perform some incredibly mind blowing tricks at an event this week – such a fun and intriguing performance and I have no idea how he did it!!

Would love to see him perform again!  Reb E

April 27, 2018  (Corporate Event, Mr C’s Hotel, Beverly Hills,  [5.0 star rating]

Great! We hired him for a company event and everyone really loved it him. Such a unique and creative way to do an event and think “outside the box”.

Highly recommend!  Caitlin M

April 26, 2018  (Corporate Cocktail and Dinner Party , Los Angeles,  [5.0 star rating]

I saw him perform while waiting at an event and he was fantastic.

It felt like I had a little piece of the Magic Castle brought to me

April 22, 2018  (Corporate Event, Mr C’s Hotel, Beverly Hills,  [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at a private event at Mr. C in Beverly Hills. Probably had an audience of about 125-150, and had us all mesmerized. Spent an hour at work trying to figure out his various acts… Cannot wait to see him again at the Magic Castle.  Theo L


April 22, 2018  (Corporate Trade Show 4/20 Event, Anaheim [5.0 star rating]

This guy is great! I even tried to trick him and he still got it right! I’m not sure how much he charges since

I saw him at an event on 4/20, but he’s definitely entertaining and greatly enjoyed his performance!  Bryan O


April 10, 2018  (Kiwanis Club,  Glendora Country Club [5.0 star rating]

Rich is a fantastic magician and performer! He enthralled our Kiwanis club with his up close magic and left us wondering “how did he do that?”  His jokes were fun and funny. He was engaging and made sure to visit each small group during our social hour. His performance was super and you can tell that he truly loves magic! He is friendly and takes care to provide a personal touch, asking (and remembering) people’s names and making them feel like part of the act.

I would highly recommend Rich for any party or meeting where you are looking for an amazing entertainer. 

GeGe P


April 9, 2018  (Corporate Anniversary Celebration, San Diego  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is a gracious and talented performer. He performed two magic tricks for me at an event with panache. He was artful, entertaining, and right when he read my mind twice. I would hire Rich for any event to add a little je ne sais quoi   Taberah Joy H.


March 31, 2018  (300+ Adults Wine Tasting Event, Pasadena [5.0 star rating]

We were quite entertained by Rich during a very crowded wine tasting event recently. Instead of demanding our attention, which would have been rather annoying, he drew to us in to the illusion he was about to perform. We were left dumbstruck but laughing and if we are ever fortunate enough to visit the Magic Castle we hope to see him do his full close up show!! Highly Recommend!!


March 18, 2018  (300+ Adults Kohl’s Distribution Center Anniversary Celebration,San Bernardino [5.0 star rating]

Mr. Freeman came to Kohl’s Distribution Center 15th Anniversary Celebration in San Bernardino, Calif. Everyone was extremely excited to see what this Magician could accomplish. He did not disappoint. Card tricks were amazing and he had everybody amazed. My favorite was his mind reading tricks with cards. Can’t go wrong hiring this gentleman for any special event…. THANK YOU RICH!  Trini