Close-up magic happens RIGHT IN YOUR HANDS.  This is some of the most stunning, visual and mind-bending magic you can imagine! This magician’s close-up magic is perfect for events where your guests are milling about, chatting, listening to music, etc.
A Magician helps transform ordinary receptions, fundraisers, school events, socials, banquets, parties, festivals and other occasions into UNFORGETTABLE events.

The memories from the event will have your guests saying “How did he do that?”  for weeks, months, years.  See my current reviews.
If there were only one Magician for hire in Los Angeles you will not be disappointed. Weddings, Receptions, Birthday Celebrations, Restaurant, Festivals, Carnivals, Home, Corporate Events Graduation, Holiday Party or a Private Event. I will perform Magic for Children – Teens – Adults & Corporate and leave them guessing and in a state of wonder.
The memories of your event will have your guests describing the impossible  “How did he do that?” to their friends weeks and years later.

Walk Around, strolling, and Close-up Magician.  If you have just a few guests or 1000 guests and you need multiple Magicians  – Let’s work out the details together.  – Read from 100s of my Reviews

What People are Saying

“Thanks so much for the amazing show.  Everyone enjoyed it…wish we had more time for the adult magic.​​”  Annie L

“Thank you so much for giving us a last minute magic show tonight!  Jaden was so excited and he’s ready for us to plan our next trip to LA so we can come see you again!! I really appreciate you doing that for us!”  ~Liz Bachrach  (CBS Studios – Special Olympics World)

But why believe me?  After all I am a Magician – some people think I might tell stories. Here is the REAL TRUTH from people just like you.