​​​​​​​​​Kid Reviews are in Red                                           Adult Reviews are in Blue​​​​



March 18, 2018   (Young kids Birthday Party – Westchester  [5.0 star rating]

Amazing experience from the moment he walks in. Super pleasant to work with and fully capable of engaging with kids less than 5 years of age. Kept the kids entertained for a full hour. He also gave all the adults tickets to magic castle. Highly recommended.  Shanthi C

March 18, 2018   (Kids Birthday Party – Adults attending, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

We just attended a birthday party for 6-year olds where Rich performed. He did a great job – the kids absolutely loved it. And he blew away the adults as well. Two thumbs up!  Chris B

March 17, 2018   (Kids Birthday Party, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

We saw Rich perform at a child’s birthday party. He did a great performance for the children, my 5 and 6 year olds were completely transfixed by his magic! Rich had the kids, about 20 of them, fully engaged by his performance, both tricks and humor. Parents also had a nice time as well. They had a great time! Would highly recommend!  Joon S

March 16, 2018  (Holiday Party, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

I met Rich at a Christmas party! He was great!! Lots of fun and lots of laughs! If you ever need entertainment for a party or event,  Rich is your guy! He will not disappoint. Charlene R

March 15, 2018  (100 TEENS – Sierra Vista High School, Baldwin Park   [5.0 star rating]

Rich is a great magician! Very entertaining – he amazed a skeptical high school crowd!  SM

March 1, 2018  (Holiday Party, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich at a work Holiday party back in December and I STILL talk about it. His close up magic was just that– magic! I still don’t understand how he knew I picked the star. But more importantly, WE picked a TRUE STAR to come and perform at our party. A truly awesome recommend, I hope we have him back again. Thanks, Rich!  Angie W

March 1, 2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich perform at Magic Castle. He did a wonderful job and is very charming. Kept the audience completely engaged and we were all very entertained by his magic. I am going back to see him again!! Jason H

February 27, 2018  (300+ Adults Wine Tasting Event, Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

EXTRAORDINAIRE–  not your ordinary magician.
I attended The 48th Wine and Cuisine Benefit in Sierra Madre and was thoroughly entertained by Rich Freeman.  He dressed the part in an unusual outfit (not your standard magician suit).   His personality matched his whimsical attire.   He worked the room at ease and roamed around entertaining the entire crowd.   Close hand wizardry was in motion all the time.  Fun, fun, fun    Janis H

​February 27, 2018  (Corporate Christmas Party, Santa Clarita  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Richard at our company Christmas party! Great magician and awesome person! He defiantly showed us a good time and how crazy awesome magic can be! This is the guy to get if you’re having an event!    Thanks Richard!!  Issy A

February 25, 2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I had the pleasure of being hosted by Rich at The Magic Castle recently with my partner the week of Valentines Day. I truly felt I was in another world stepping into such an amazing place filled with so much history and extraordinary magicians! I was in awe pretty much the entire night! There’s no way you can see it all in one night but thanks to Rich he really took the time and effort in making our night a memorable one! He told us stories, walked us throughout the castle in different rooms and stages, and even performed a few spontaneous magic tricks for us and a few surrounding spectators! Rich guided us though a few shows that we saw that night that were absolutely spectacular! I really feel privileged to have met Rich he’s such a great guy with a captivating personality! I definitely will be recommending him to anyone looking for a magician! Thank you Rich for making our night a magical one! We’ll be back for sure!  Mark D

February 24, 2018  (Kids and Adults Birthday Party, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich Freeman perform at a Korean baby’s one year birthday celebration in L.A. He was phenomenal! He did tricks right in front of us, doing them at each table, as well as a big magic show in the front of the hall for all the kids. I have no clue how he did everything!! He wowed us all, adults and kids!  Sara H

February 24, 2018  (Kids and Adults Birthday Party, Park La Brea  [5.0 star rating]

Awesome magic, saw him at a birthday party, kids and adults loved him. Highly recommended!!!!  ludivine B

February 23, 2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich hosted our corporate marketing team at the world famous Magic Castle. It was an amazing night where he was able to lead us through the venue like a ‘rock star’ and also personally entertained and amazed us at dinner. His card tricks we spot on, turning even the most skeptical among us into a believer. It was fun and I can’t thank him enough for making our event the talk of the office. Chris B

February 20, 2018  (300+ Adults Wine Tasting Event, Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

Impressive magic! Everybody loved it.. Rachael B

February 19, 2018  (Kids and Adults Harry Potter Themed Party,  Fontana [5.0 star rating]

We invited Rich to present for a Harry Potter themed event. He showed up and was very much prepared for the theme. The kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed the show, and Rich was the consummate professional and stayed in character. Incredible magician and highly recommended!  Henry D

February 18, 2018  (300+ Adults Wine Tasting Event, Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich this past Friday night at the 48th Wine and Cuisine Tasting Benefit for our Sierra Madre library. Rich was a master at the card tricks.  My cousin was with us and turned me on to Rich.  We then had other friends come and see his magic.  Thank you Rich it made for a very “magical” evening. Monica D

February 17, 2018  (300+ Adults Wine Tasting Event, Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich at a wine tasting event in Sierra Madre and he was probably my favorite part of the night! Well, aside from the wine. His jokes were on point and he tricked me three times in a row. I’m really skeptical and I’m always trying to figure out how a magician does their tricks. I was left wondering and it was magical. His funky hat and style was really cool too and I would recommend him for any event where you need a dash of fun! Destiney H

February 17, 2018  (300+ Adults Wine Tasting Event, Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at the Friends of the Sierra Madre Library Wine Tasting and he was truly amazing. He seemed to effortlessly read my friend’s mind and then mine. Not sure how he does it. Great magic is a joy to behold.  Sue S

February 17, 2018  (300+ Adults Wine Tasting Event, Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich perform his act at the Sierra Madre Library fundraiser. He was absolutely amazing! Mystifying card tricks and mind reading; we couldn’t figure out how had done it. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as an outstanding addition to any party. Evelyn C

​February 10, 2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Super fun magician we saw at Magic Castle.
He has a great way of entertaining close up and keeping you engaged with his humor!  Ashley M

February 10, 2018  (​1st Birthday Party, Los Coyotes Country Club – Buena Park  [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at my baby boy’s first birthday party this past January.  Everyone from the kids to the adults were absolutely amazed by his magic performance.  I was particularly impressed to see how he stole all the kids’ attention for an hour long.  He was just AMAZING!!!  On top of that, Rich was on time, super easy to work with, flexible with our requests, and amazingly great with both kids and adults.  I HIGHLY recommend him to everyone.  Jenny L

February 9, 2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is wonderful! We received an invite to magic castle and was so excited to experience magic! Rich stopped by our table at dinner and performed a magic trick that had my husband in awe. He is funny, personable, and a great performer. Looking forward to my next visit and more magic!         Yasmin S

February 8, 2018  (200+ Adults STAGE PERFORMANCE at the APWA luncheon, Ventura County [5.0 star rating]

Rich is awesome! He has a great attitude, funny, and is of course a great magician. I had a great time and was even pulled up on stage! Thanks Rich! Nicole B

February 8, 2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Saw Rich performed at the Magic Castle and it was awesome! Very quick close-up magic, flawless, still no idea how he did all those wonderful tricks. Definitely worth it to see Rich in action!  Jack C

​February 8,  2018  (4th Birthday Party, Travel Town at Griffith Party [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at my son’s 4th birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday. We had about 12 three to four year-old toddlers at the party (most of them had never seen any live magic show before,) and all of them went crazy over Rich’s performance. I was so impressed, he could actually grab their attention for an hour long! All the kids had so much fun, they even told their teachers at school the next day how much fun they had at the party.
Rich was on time, very easy to work with, flexible with our requests, and great with both adults and children. He was the main event of our party and he is worth every penny. Terry L

February 5, 2018   (Kids Birthday Party, Culver City  [5.0 star rating]

Loved Rich! He’s a Magicial Magican!  My friend hired him for her son’s birthday and Rich is a natural with the kids. Even though the kids tried to outsmart him and discover his trick, he came back and “wowed” everyone with his real magic. His last trick had them screaming for more! I highly recommend him for any party to put a smile on your face!  Mika T

February 2, 2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

First met Rich at a Halloween event in Marina Del Rey.  He was fantastic! Did an individual magic trick for each of my family members and we were all super impressed and entertained! Also, saw him at the Magic Castle where he continued to amaze… He is great! Perfect for any age group!!!     Evelyn C

February 1, 2018 (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

We saw Rich perform at the Magic Castle and he was amazing!  Not only did his card tricks blow our mind but he has a really great sense of humor with the audience.  If you ever make it to the Castle ask for him! He won’t disappoint! Sarah N

January 26,  2018  (Kids and Adults Birthday Party, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

Rich “the hands” Freeman was the magician at a kids birthday party I went to and he was Amazing! He kept the kids & adults very entertained. My wife and I still wonder how he did those tricks. I would highly recommend him. Robert I

January 24,  2018  (Private Holiday Party, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich perform at a private holiday party. Simply amazing.  He had some really cool card tricks that I am still wondering how the heck he was able to do what he did.  Literally read my mind, there is ZERO way he could have known what I was thinking, yet he was somehow he knew my card!  I watched him do the same trick on someone else and was able to guess their card as well.
He was a fun guy, kept it light and entertaining, and he was able to convince even the most skeptical people at the party.  He is the real deal, and I can’t help but believe in magic now!  Mark B

January 24,  2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Very personably social, extraordinarily magically entertaining! Was sitting and staring at awe as I watched his sleight of hands and could not figure out how da heck does he do them tricks!  Highly recommend this young man and personally can’t hardly wait to have an occasion to bring him to!      Sasha A

January 21, 2018  (6th Birthday for Daughter – Kids and Adults [5.0 star rating]

Best magic show I’ve ever seen!!! Everyone from the kids to the adults were absolutely amazed  our birthday girl was so happy, Rich seriously made the day magical for her. I would highly recommend him to everyone.  Jazmin S

January 19,  2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich perform at the Magic Castle and he is such a talented magician!

My friend’s family was in from out of town,  and they were delighted by Rich’s sleight of hand show.   He’s funny, kind, and charming.   He takes time to engage the entire audience.  I highly recommend Rich for any entertainment you may need. Kari C

January 18,  2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was HILARIOUS. Very funny and entertaining. His 3 tricks he performed for us last night were unique and super awesome, and he was very welcoming! Definitely recommended for any type of magic shows but especially with cards. Would see again if I come back to the castle in the future!  Moises M

January 13, 2018  (6th Birthday for Daughter – 35  Adults and 20+ children in Victorville [5.0 star rating]

Rich is the best Magician. Last night January 12, 2018 he did the birthday party for my daughter he did an amazing job. He had all the kids attention for 1 1/2 hours and all the kids won’t stop talking about it. He had all the kids involved and it seemed like kids were doing magic. My both kids keep talking about how great magic he did. He did magic for adults and had them amazed as well ! Hands down he is the best !!! Kalpesh P

January 12,  2018  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I sow Richard last night at The Magic Castle. Wauu. He was amazing . He was on the dote. Magic!!! Magic!!!.  Laguna M​

​January 4, 2018  (1st Birthday for Son- 25 Adults and 15 children Los Coyotes Country Club – Buena Park [5 star rating]

Rich did the magic show for my son’s 1 year old birthday party which had 40 guests (25 adults and 15 kids).  He entertained both children and adults for one straight hour over the lunch service and was amazing.  Usually kids are bored at these types of events but they were super engaged by all of his magic!  He even left a cute white rabbit to my oldest nephew and niece.  Even the adults were chattering about “how did he do that?”  Overall, highly recommended!  Daniel J

December 31, 2017  (Children’s Birthday party, Whittier  [5.0 star rating]

My family and I saw Rich at a children’s birthday party. He was absolutely brilliant!  He was so fascinating and kept everyone of all ages in gaged in his magic tricks ! He had the children join in on the magic tricks and made time to entertain the adults. The best Magician by far.  Adri G

December 23, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Excellent magician!  Very professional, funny, and great at his craft.  His ESP, card, and color tricks are amazing.   I stared at his hands the whole time and he is legit!  This is real magic!  CC D

December 22, 2017  (Company Party 50+ Adults,  Valencia   [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at our company Christmas party last week.  He was very personable and very good at getting the crowd involved.  It was a small venue and he performed amazing tricks with very few props involved.  He had us all wondering how he did that!  Rebecca M

December 18, 2017  (Bar Mitzvah, Kids and Adults Woodland Hills  [5.0 star rating]

Rich, performed at my home for about 50 people in total, half of them being teenage kids.  

He kept everyone engaged and entertained without a hitch.  He was prompt, nice, professional, and always quick to respond to any email or call.   We really were so very pleased and will have him out again for another occasion.  Nancy L

December 10, 2017   (Birthday for Son- 15+ Adults and20+ children in Simi Valley [5.0 star rating]

I wish I could give more stars! Rich preformed at  my son’s 11th birthday party and it was seriously amazing! Everyone was so impressed by his magic, kids and adults. I’m so happy we were able to book him. If you’re thinking of hiring a magician for a party, Rich will not disappoint! He’s awesome!!!  Samantha B

December 10, 2017  (Huntington Library Elite Members Event, Pasadena  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich perform Magic at the Huntington Library for a special event and it was mind blowing. I have been an avid Magic fan for quite some time learning how tricks are done but I couldn’t figure out at all how he executed these mind reading tricks without touching the cards. I am still in confusion over the ESP (mind reading) tricks of the cards and cube! It truly was some of the best simple mind boggling close up magic I have ever seen or heard of. It was truly phenomenal magic without any distractions or sleight of hand to point to or explain with.  Rich is a great entertainer with great reads into people and conversation starter. I would definitely recommend Rich for a unforgettable night. Jesse C

December 10, 2017  (Birthday Party, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

Magician Rich Freeman performed at a birthday party I recently attended.  His rapport with his audience and skill at performing closeup magic was outstanding!
Rich continually astonished and entertained his audience with his vast array of magic tricks.  I would definitely endorse and recommend Magician Rich Freeman if you are looking for magic entertainment at an event you are planning.  Thanks, Richard, for a most entertaining and delightful performance! Camille R

December 1, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich may as well be Professor X for all the mind reading he did at my last visit to the Magic Castle.
Some friends and I came to the Magic Castle and although he wasn’t scheduled to perform, we were privileged to see his close-up and slight of hand tricks downstairs in the haunted wine cellar area. These casual close-up performances are my favorite because no matter how close you sit next to him, you are always left wondering–seriously… how did he do that?   Rich is definitely one of the top magicians I’ve seen. He is mesmerizing, charming, and definitely has a hold on me. He is quite the entertainer and I highly recommend you to hire him for private events.  Jennifer L

November 30, 2017  (Kids Birthday party, Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

Rich is definitely one of the top magicians I’ve seen. He is mesmerizing, charming, and definitely has a hold on me. He is quite the entertainer and I highly recommend you to hire him for private events.Saw his wonderful and captivating show at a little kid’s birthday party but there was nothing little about his performance. The ring box still puzzles me. If you get a chance to see him, be prepared to see some magic.. more so if you are a skeptic. For all ages!  Tony G

November 30, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

A magical experience!!!
Richard is a true showman. His attention to providing the most memorable experience for my guest was above anything we have ever experienced. His many years of experience translates into an experience of entertainment and education which truly leaves one feeling enchanted and transcendent. I/ we can’t wait to visit the Castle and Richard again.   Armando Vasquez

November 30, 2017  (Halloween / Harvest Festival, Marina Del Rey  [5.0 star rating]

We recently met Rich at the Marina Del Rey Halloween party at Burton Chase Park. It was a crowded event and Rich was captivating even with a small table near the boats. There was so much going on, but his personality and magic kept our attention and the attention of our 2 and 4 year old boys- not an easy thing to do! I hope to see a full show soon. My husband and I both love magic so seeing Rich at this Halloween family event was our “treat”.  Liz P

November 30, 2017  (birthday about 30 Kids, Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

Recently attended a kid’s birthday where Rich provided not only an entertaining show that captivated the attention of about 30 kids 6 years and under (no easy feat!) but also later strolled through the park interacting with small groups of kids and families providing close up and more interactive magical tricks.
He seemed to genuinely enjoy the kids rather than other magicians I’ve seen at kids parties that are annoyed by the kids’ typical interruptions and are motivated to just get the check and get out.  I recommend Rich if you have a need for magical entertainment!  Gail C

November 14, 2017  (5th birthday about 15 Kids, Culver City [5.0 star rating]

I had a unicorn tea party for my 6 year old last October. We were at a park and there were about 15 kids. Rich held their attention the entire time! Amazing for kids! He made my daughter feel really special on her birthday. He showed up on time and had a unique personality. I’d definitely recommend him to our friends and family.  Mandy M

November 24, 2017  (Thanksgiving Party 60+ Adults in Carson [5.0 star rating]

I saw Richard do a close up magic act during a Thanksgiving party and he had everyone laughing. He has that classic magician look about him and is very generous and professional.  Bear S

November 19, 2017  (1st Birthday for Son- 50+ Adults and 20+ children in Granada Hills [5.0 star rating]

Today is my friends son’s birthday party and Rich Freeman was here. Can I say this man is just amazing. He was wonderful and put on an amazing show. Thank you Rich for a great magic show.  Talin C

November 19, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

My party and I had a very late reservation so we made the most out of the Magic Castle.  We had the opportunity to see Rich perform. We walked downstairs and sat at a smaller table with 6 or so other participants and Rich. You couldn’t take your eyes off the show! He was absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend going to Magic Castle to see Rich perform if you want to be amazed.You won’t regret it.  Megan S

November 18, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

He is awesome.  Great personality and delivery.  Love to see him again.  Rory S

November 18, 2017  (Huntington Library Elite Members Event, Pasadena  [5.0 star rating]

Saw Rich perform at the Huntington Library and he stumped us! Great evening!  Cyndy K


November 17, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Our experience with rich was truly magical. From the moment we entered the magic castle we where greeted with an amazing experience.
Thank you so much for showing us such an amazing wonderful night!!!   Jordan M

November 15, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

When it comes to magic, Rich is simply one of the best out there!  He is always a must to see and visit with at the Magic Castle because he knows so much history behind it.  He is a lot of fun to chat with and if you book a show with him, you won’t be sorry!  He’s pretty amazing!  I hope he keeps entertaining us for many years to come!!  Mike B

November 14, 2017  (5th birthday Kids and Adults, Manhattan Beach, [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich at a 5 year old birthday party and was blown away.   He had both the kids and the adults entertained for two hours.   I would highly recommend him for a party of any size or age group–he sure knows how to work a crowd.  David G

November 12, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

It’s been probably about a million years since I’ve seen magic tricks.  The earliest memory was as a child when a magician came to a birthday party and pull flowers out of wands and bunnies out of hats.
I first saw Rich at the Magic Castle. It was my first time at the Castle so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I sat down in one of the rooms and he was already performing.   Being a skeptic, I watched closely but he stumped me every single time.  He didn’t pull bunnies out of hats, but he did pull that small child who was amazed, who believed who he truly was. Magical.  He was also funny and engaged with everyone in the crowd which made it very fun!!!   My favorite magician at the Magic Castle!!! Luu T

November 11, 2017  (Adult Birthday at a Tavern (about 12 – 15 Adults) Hermosa Beach [5.0 star rating]

Rich was amazing! Not only did he make it halfway across LA on short notice but he absolutely wowed everyone at my girlfriends birthday. Plus, his personality left smiles on all our faces. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a magician!  We’ll be using him again.  Erik S

November 9, 2017  (Halloween Festival for Kids and Adults , Marina Del Rey  [5.0 star rating]

My family and I got to see Rich perform during the Marina Del Rey Halloween festival.  He was very engaged with the kids and we enjoyed his magic and humor too!  My kids didn’t want to leave his table.  Would love to see him perform at the Magic Castle one day. Very nice man.  Leah A

November 7, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

This review is longgg overdue, Rich is DA MAN. I celebrated my bachelorette party with good friends a little over a year ago and right when we got in, Rich was so kind enough to give us a tour of the castle and performed awesome close-up magic tricks along the way! It just made us appreciate the history of the castle on a whole other level. Thanks Rich for starting our experience at the Magic Castle just right! Won’t be the last visit!  Mimi J

​​November 6, 2017  (Adults 70th Birthday with kids,  Chatsworth [5.0 star rating]

Rich was terrific!  He was able to captivate our audience ranging from age 4 to age 70!  Everyone was blown away, and we talked about Rich’s tricks long after he had left.  He was funny, charming, and a wonderful entertainer/magician.  This was for my father’s 70th birthday, and he absolutely loved it.  I would highly recommend Rich for your event, and I would definitely hire him again.  JP

​​November 6, 2017  (5th Birthday about 25 children and about 35 adults, Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed for my daughter’s birthday, he was great.  Rich is fun and knows how to deal with kids.  Even the adults had a good time.  He brings humor along with his magic. DD

​​November 4, 2017  (5th Birthday Kids and Adults,  Westchester [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed a magic show at my daughter’s fifth birthday party today and he was a huge hit for the kids AND the adults. My kids and I are still talking about how he performed his tricks and what their favorite part was! He is the ultimate performer – so funny, entertaining, AND great with the kids. And the magic!! What can I say about the magic…it was so fun and we were all blown away!! Still trying to figure out the ring trick!!! He was kind enough to do a little magic for the adults afterwards as well. How in the world did he do it??? I want to know!!!! All my guests were asking how I found him and I am so glad for the great Yelp reviews because they were SPOT ON!  Grace Y

​​November 2, 2017  (5th Birthday Kids and Adults,  La Canada [5.0 star rating]

Rich was the guest of honor at our daughter’s 5th birthday party and everyone loved his magic show!!! Rich is a very nice, friendly guy! All the kids and adults were very entertained and still talk about his magic show. If you or your kids love magic, don’t hesitate to book a show with him. I called 4-5 other magicians and they returned my call after a week or so and Rich had great communication since the day I contacted him. Highly recommend him! Sara O

​​October 30, 2017  (Halloween carnival for Kids and Adults, Marina Del Rey [5.0 star rating]

We saw Rich at the Halloween carnival in Marina Del Rey.  He amazed everyone in our family with his trickery, and I’m stumped to this day.  Can’t wait to see him again! Peter I

​​October 27, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was exceptional host at the Magic Castle and and even more exceptional magician, I was in awe of his craft. He made our experience unforgettable, I wish I could go back every night. If you have an opportunity to see his work, do not pass it up! He is also such a pleasure to be around. Thank you Rich!  Gina S

​​October 23, 2017  (Halloween & Birthday Party  25+ adults in recreation room in Santa Monica [5.0 star rating]

Another super well-earned five star review for a five-star magician! Rich came for a combo Halloween and birthday party for me this weekend and it was absolutely amazing. His ESP and Mentalist Magic was mind-blowing. How does one do that without Trick cards or anything? Also knew certain colors with his special Cube….how the heck?   His humor and his patter were interesting and funny and kept flowing so well – he thoroughly entertained our guests . He worked groups in the room and it was perfect. One of my guests is an entertainment business manager and she said “oh my gosh where did you find him? He is the real deal! He’s fabulous!” I have to agree. He is warm and genuine and not merely a performer. He also makes you feel like a friend. I highly recommend Rich for any event. And he is very reasonable for his fee we can work something out with your budget  Julie F

​October 23, 2017  (Halloween & Birthday Party  25+ adults in recreation room in Santa Monica [5.0 star rating]

Great tricks last night at the birthday party, especially the ESP.  I have no idea how you did that!  I saw Rich perform at a private party.  His tricks were unique and impossibly amazing!  He’s truly a magic star.  I can’t wait to see him again.  Francine E  

​October 18, 2017  (Corporate Event Cocktails and Dinner 25+ adults in Exclusive Private Restaurant Downtown Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

Rich was booked for a dinner for a corporate event and was just a pleasure from the jump. He is fun, appropriate, and just an overall nice man. I would book him 1,000 times more for any client that was interested and also for personal functions  Jennifer O (Event Planner)

​October 19, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I’ve had the pleasure to attend Magic Castle several times,  every time Rich is performing at a table in a public group setting  I make an effort to go see him, besides been good at what he does, he is gently, funny and engages with every one at the table, making us feel welcome and a part of the show.  Walter E

October 19, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I visited the Magic Castle a few months ago and saw Rich Freeman. He was very entertaining and an awesome host to our party! He was hilarious and informative , giving us the history of the Magic Castle. I hope to return one day soon and see him again! Wonderful!  Anna H

October 18, 2017  (Corporate Event Cocktails and Dinner 25+ adults in Exclusive Private Restaurant Downtown Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at a dinner party hosted by my company. He was extremely engaging and kept the room entertained over the course of the evening. Can’t recommend him enough.  Darren L  (Restaurant)

​October 18, 2017  (Corporate Event Cocktails and Dinner 25+ adults in Exclusive Private Restaurant Downtown Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman performed at a corporate event that my agency was hosting. He was lovely to work with and his show impressed everyone! I was totally blown away by his color and card tricks! He was the highlight of the event and I can’t wait to see him at Magic Castle! Shai J (Event Planner)

October 17, 2017  (7th Birthday Party 20 kids and 10 adults at home party in La Crescenta  [5.0 star rating]

Rich’s birthday magic show was AMAZING! it kept a roomful of 8 year olds and their parents entranced.  The kids tricks were great and afterwards he did a few tricks for the parents which we are still trying to work out. Mind you, we also couldn’t work out most of the kid’s tricks!
Rich was great with emails back and forth and made the whole booking easy. Can’t recommend highly enough.  Joe O

October 17, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Not only was Rich an excellent guide when my family visited the Magic Castle letting us know of all the ins and outs and how to best navigate the venue for the best possible experience, but also he possesses amazing sleight of hand!  He clearly has the power of magic because I couldn’t find any other explanation for the tricks that he performed.  Rich “wow”ed us trick after trick and even in his up-close shows, I couldn’t figure out how he made the cards do what they did.  Go see him and you’ll be amazed too!  Thanks Rich for the quality entertainment, lots of laughs, and for being a good human being! Bob V

October 16, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

We visited here in 2016 with a group of friends.  We had an amazing time and I couldn’t be happier I had the chance to see this historical place in person!  The food was great, the drinks were delicious, and the Castle is beyond incredible filled with so much history.  Last but not least, there was the MAGIC!  There were several magicians located throughout the Castle with various different shows to choose from.  We attended several shows and the magic was just that, MAGIC!  Rich was among one of the best magicians we had, and he took us on our tour of the Castle telling us of it’s history.  Thank you Rich for making this an amazing experience.  I can’t wait to go again!  This is Hollywood!  Queen G

October 16, 2017  (5th Birthday Party twins – 25 kids and about 50 adults at home party in Northridge [5.0 star rating

Thank you so much for doing an amazing show for us yesterday. The kids going to bed were still talking about the magic show and having the opportunity to be helpers. They went to bed with their magic wands and their bunnies. It was also special to see my daughter who always steers away from the spotlight break out of her shell to be part of the show. I got a ton of positive feedback about your show and have given your information to other parents.  Ernesto D

October 14, 2017  (7th Birthday Party kids and about 30 adults at home party in Santa Clarita [5.0 star rating

Truly amazing magician! Great spirit and awesome personality. His magic keep you on your toes!!! Just when you think you’re following and know the outcome, you don’t!!!   A must for any and all events!!!  Victor D

October 14, 2017  (7th Birthday Party kids and about 30 adults at home party in Santa Clarita [5.0 star rating

What a great magician! Saw him at a child’s birthday party–and he blew away both the kids and the parents. Plus, super personable! Just a really great vibe. Everything you want a magician to be! Bravo Rich and thank you!  Tiffni A

October 13, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Saw RIch yesterday at the Magic Castle…sat right next to him as he performed and still could not begin to figure out all the many amazing things he did….from ESP to card tricks to beyond.  He also has genuine affection and tremendous knowledge of the Castle….as we ran into him and he spoke at length about the past, present and future of one of LAs most unique venues.  Rich made our evening special.  Preston G

October 13, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Spent an evening at The Magic Castle last night.  Although the main theater shows were excellent, the highlight of our night was the intimate setting with about 15 people attending Rich Freeman’s presentation.  Fantastic!  That’s the way to see great magic, and have a few laughs into the bargain.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Think he’s there on Thursday nights.  David R

October 13, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]Rch showed three of us around The Magic Castle last night, and I think we had the best experience of anyone in the building!   He took us around to a few different small shows, always getting us to the various spots early enough that we were the first in line for everything. Then he gave us a personal up close show with some of the best tricks I’ve ever seen in my life! It was so good that other people came into the room and sat further back to watch, and he got them involved too! No spoilers here, but if you get to see Rich perform you’ll see magic you haven’t seen before anywhere else! 

He was extremely kind and knowledgable, and gave us a nice tour of the Castle’s history between all of the shows. Then to top it all off, we got to enjoy a meal with Rich downstairs in the bar. It was great food and better company.  Rich is very knowledgeable in every aspect of magic and was really happy to talk about his process, but he’s also a great conversationalist and learned a lot about us too.   What else can I say?! I’ll definitely be coming back so I can introduce more people to Rich – He’s THAT good! And if I ever need to hire a magician for anything I absolutely know who I’m calling!!!  Graham M

October 12, 2017  (10th Birthday Party for Twins – About 25 kids and 30 adults at Event Hall in Northridge [5.0 star rating] 

I was so entertained by Rich with all  his magic tricks especially the one when he took my diamond ring and made it disappear I just don’t understand how he did that it was very entertaining to me and all the kids at the birthday party I attended very funny man great Entertainer.  Stefanie S

October 11, 2017  (80th Birthday Party – Newport Rib Company, Costa Mesa  [5.0 star rating]
Rich Freeman was scintillating and fun!!
His engagement with the guests was just fantastic.  It really made the birthday party special and different. We were celebrating an 80th birthday party and having Rich at the party made it fun for everyone of all ages.  Without a doubt we are going to go see him at the Magic Castle and would definitely hire him again.  Beatrice M

October 10, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I had been to The Magic Castle many times before and always had a great experience, but being hosted by Rich last Friday was something extraordinary and special.  Not only was the magic he performed privately for me and my five friends out of this World, but he took the time and effort to take us around the castle and make sure that at every point throughout the night we were at the most mindblowing spot.  Such an elegant and friendly host-Rich has my heartfelt gratitude and highest possible recommendation.  Stefan K.

October 9, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman is a master magician! We truly enjoyed his intimate show at the Magic Castle! His tricks were amazing and he was an engaging and gracious host. We had the pleasure of meeting him later while wondering around. A true gentleman!!  Denise Q

October 7, 2017  (Birthday Party for Twins – About 25 kids and 30 adults at Event Hall in Northridge [5.0 star rating]

We invited Rich for our twins 10th birthday party! All the kids had a blast! They would not let him finish, asking for more and more! It was a highlight of our event and all the guests were talking about it! I can’t wait to see Rich in Magic Castle! Thank you Magic Man:)  Maranna A

October 4, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Saw Mr. Freeman perform at the magic castle. Well deserving of a five star review.   Did a great job of keeping everyone in the room involved and performed stunning magic tricks.  John K

October 2, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I’ve seen a lot of magicians. Some have been ok, others are pretty dang good, a handful are great… and then there is Rich. At The Magic Castle, it’s pretty crazy to just walk around and see all the close up magic. However there was one trick that night that literally dropped my jaw – performed by Rich Freeman. Rich is an incredible magician and by far the best show I saw that night. Can’t wait to see him again!!  Evan B

October 2, 2017  (Magic Castle , Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

What an amazing show put on by Rich! He is an unbelievable entertainer with impressive magic skills. His tour of the castle was so fun and interesting! We can’t wait to see him again and would love to hire for our next big party.   Jenny R

September 28, 2017  (Birthday Party for kids and Adults   [5.0 star rating]

Hands down THE BEST magician I have ever met. He was AAAMAZING!!! He really should be a contestant at America’s Got Talent. Loved all his acts. Did I mention he was AMAZING?!?!   Go check him out ASAP!!!  Radhika G

September 27, 2017  (Skirball Cultural Center Bar Mitzvah – TEENS   [5.0 star rating]

Rich did magic tricks walking through the kids area at my son’s bar mitzvah and the kids loved it.  He is very pleasant and easy to work with. Sherly S

September 25, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

We thoroughly enjoyed Rich’s performance at the Magic Castle. Close-up magic is no easy task, but Rich continued to amaze us with his astonishing sleight-of-hand feats! Wow! Teri D

September 24, 2017  (1st Birthday for Son- Adults and children in Calabasas [5.0 star rating]

Rich entertained us for a bit at our son’s 1st birthday party in Calabasas. Not only was he great with adults , but he was even more of a joy to watch with kids ! He has a magnetic attraction, and draws a crowd with no hesitation. Rich is definitely a skilled magician who demonstrates a very high level of expertise with decades of experience. He’s got an amazing personality , a variety of tools and tricks, a fantastic attitude , and some impressive magic for people of all ages and parties of all sizes. Thanks for being so great – highly recommend to anyone looking for an awesome time . If Adrian were able to speak already , he’d thank you too! 🙂  Allen S

September 21, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I’ve seen many magicians. I went to Vegas and to the magic castle many times. Rick is by far the most amazing, mind blowing magician I have ever seen. He is truly the best. No amateur here!!!  Melissa G

September 16, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Came with several friends for an evening at the Magic Castle.  Rich so warmly greeted us as soon as we arrived.  We were treated like VIPs.  He gave us an amazing historical tour of the Castle.  Stopping at several of the bars for close up magic before dinner.  Plus,  Rich’s own personal fabulous close up magic show! We were so entertained… Rich made sure we knew what not to miss, yet still soooo much magic to see.. We will be back.  What an amazing fun night to remember!!  Thank you Rich “the hands” Freeman  – Rhonda K

September 15, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was an incredible host with our group at the Magic Castle. He toured us throughout and gave a history of the place.  On top of this, he entertained us with some wonderful card trips.  I look forward to recommending him to further to my network. Thanks again Rich for the wonderful evening.  Jason R

September 13, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I honestly can’t rave enough about what a MAGICAL evening my friends and I had at the Magic Castle with Rich as our guide!  Rich was kind enough to offer us an exclusive tour of the castle and in addition to keeping us laughing and entertained, he blew us away with his impressive magic skills. I couldn’t get over it honestly- HOW DO THEY DO IT??  Anyway, I feel really grateful that we met him because I think he really enhanced the experience and it made for a very special celebration. Would give Rich more than 5 stars if I could!  Andrea C

September 12, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is a true master of his craft, yet humble and personable.  He personally performed for us at the Magic Castle for my 42nd birthday.  

I’m one of those guys that tries to decipher every act, but I have no idea how he does it. The color cube baffled me and every smarty pants at the table. The greats make it look easy, but you and I both know greatness only comes with years of grueling practice.   Bravo Rich. You’ve got yet another fan. If you haven’t seen him, do so now before Vegas offers him a deal he can’t refuse.   Dan M

September 11, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

We saw Rich at the Magic Castle recently on a trip for dinner and to enjoy the arts. I’m still confounded and amazed by his show and has only grown my thirst for seeing more and more magic.  Can’t recommend Rich enough!   Brian L

September 10, 2017  (1st Birthday for Twins – 50 Adults 10 children at a private park, Glendale [5.0 star rating]

Rich is wonderful for entertaining kids as well as adults.  Although as the host of the party, I did not get to see his full act, the bits and pieces I got to enjoy was amazing!  What was more important to me was that my guests enjoyed their time (both children and adults) and from their reactions, their laughs and their shocked faces, I knew that my goal was achieved by hiring the right magician.  I asked him for age appropriate tricks and nothing too childish and that’s exactly what I received.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Thank you Rich!!  Yvette B

September 9, 2017  (​Bachelorette Party​,  about 15 women in their late 20s -private home,  Studio City  [5.0 star rating]

I hired Rich for a private party – my fiancee’s bachelorette — and he did not disappoint! I didn’t see the show, but the girls (who were skeptical at first) loved him. Highly recommended for any event!! Sean K

September 8, 2017  (School Party in the Classroom for the kids,  Seal Beach  [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman is as professional as they come. I work at a private school in seal beach and he kept all our children entertained the entire time. Not only is he great for the kids, he was very amusing for the adults! He played tricks on some of our kiddos, which they loved and then BAM hit his audience with some pretty amazing magical feats!
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great show and some genuine laughs!  Thanks Rich!  Terrance M

September 7, 2017  (9th Birthday kids and Adults, at West Los Angeles  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is amazing. We saw him performing at our friends’ son birthday party recently and we were blown away. His card tricks were my favorite. Everybody, kids and adults had a great time. Strongly recommend.  Galina A

September 7, 2017  (7th Birthday 10 kids and 15 Adults, at Roxbury Park, Beverly Hills  [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at my daughter’s birthday party in the park. It was fun and interactive. Kids loved it. He also did a small set for adults at the end, which was very entertaining. I cannot recommend Rich highly enough.  Nataliya R

September 6, 2017  (9th Birthday 5 kids and 12 Adults, West Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

We invited Rich Freeman to our son’s party. It was a pleasure to work with him from start to finish. He was already booked for that day but was very accommodating and squeezed us in between his other appointments.   He was very punctual and organized throughout the whole booking process.
Our party was a mixed party of adults and kids from 8-11 years old. Everyone had a blast and was truly amazed at his magic tricks.   Rich started the show with my son’s favorite Harry Potter music, which was a nice touch (I told him that my son is into Harry Potter) and brought him an owl as a gift.
The tricks were really impressive even for adults. My son and his friends were so excited to participate and help with the tricks.
We all enjoyed the show very much and would definitely recommend him. He is a true professional, a great magician and a very pleasant human being.
Thank you Rich!  CD R.

September 4, 2017  (Bar Mitzvah Kids (teens) and Adults, Beverly Hills [5.0 star rating]

Great guy and tricks!  He loves kids and that is a great plus.  Roberto R

September 3, 2017  (Kids Birthday Party at the park , Culver City   [5.0 star rating]

We went to a birthday party where Rich was hired to entertain a large group of kids – mixed kindergarteners and slightly older. He did an excellent job keeping the kids engaged and mesmerized with his magic – despite the fact that there were a few rude young hecklers whose parents didn’t keep them in check. Anyway, I digress. He was patient despite all this and the birthday girl, as well as my own kids, had an unforgettable experience. If we were going to host a magician for our own child’s party, we’d definitely hire Rich.   Jean Y

September 3, 2017  (Kids Birthday Party at the park , Culver City   [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at my 6 year old’s birthday party, and the kids (and grown ups) had a blast! His sense of humor and skills kept everyone engaged with the show — even with the 90+ degree heat. I loved that he let the birthday girl assist with the act, and even gave her two magic tricks to take home. In addition to the show, he also performed walk around card tricks that added to the fun. I definitely recommend!   Mitch G

​August 30, 2017  (CBS Studios Benefit for Children’s Cancer, Studio City  [5.0 star rating]

Rich has a wonderfully entertaining presence while dazzling you with the wonders of magic.  I didn’t know the magician performing at the
fundraiser would be a member of the Magic Castle.  What a treat!!  D. K.

​​​​August 29, 2017  (CBS Studios Benefit for Children’s Cancer, Studio City  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich at a charity event. He is an outstanding magician great with adults and kidsalike. Very friendly and amazing magic tricks I highly recommend seeing him perform!  Chris T

​​​​August 29, 2017  (CBS Studios Benefit for Children’s Cancer, Studio City  [5.0 star rating]

I had the pleasure of meeting this magician while at a charity event. He was so funny and quite amazing!!! 

If you love magic, see this man!!!!  Ashley K

​​​​August 28, 2017   (Kids Birthday Party- , Monterey Park [5.0 star rating]

Magician Rich Freeman came to my son’s 7th birthday over the weekend and his performance was superb!  Not only the kids loved him but the adults too! He is definitely dedicated to his line of work. It was so hot and he wore his black long sleeve magician attire and magician hat the entire time! I was so impressed! The ending was really cool with a confetti surprise. My son loves Pokémon too and I was so pleasantly surprised that he brought a pikachu to give him! Thank you Rich! We will hire you again!  Elizabeth Y

August 27, 2017   (Kids Birthday Party- , Manhattan Beach [5.0 star rating]

We recently had Rich at a birthday party for our 5 year old son.  He was wonderful with the kids, age-appropriately silly and got the kids involved with the magic tricks.  All the kids, ages 11-3, had a ball, as did the adults.  He even stuck around for a bit after the show and did a bunch of tricks for the parents in attendance.  I would very highly recommend Rich to anyone looking for a magician.  He’s got a great demeanor and is very professional.

​​​​August 27, 2017  (CBS Studios Benefit for Children’s Cancer, Studio City  [5.0 star rating]

We met Rich last night at a benefit for children’s cancer and he was awesome! He had a few really great magic tricks that really blew my mind and he was a fun guy to talk to also. Definitely recommend!!  Kelly H

August 25, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

With a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, Rich quickly took to the task of becoming our tour guide. We had dinner reservations, so it was a “quick” tour. Even though our time was limited, we didn’t feel rushed. We learned so much of the great history of mc and felt as though we had made a friend. Rich truly made our experience magical. His knowledge of magic and history is priceless.  Trana G

​​​​August 24, 2017  5 year old Birthday Party,  about 20 kids 30 adults [5.0 star rating]

My daughter was able to see Rich’s magic show at a birthday party and she absolutely was enchanted and captivated – along with a group of 20 other 5/6 year old children.  Would highly recommend!  Best magician I’ve seen at a party!  Stacy A

​​​​August 17, 2017  (Twins 11th Birthday Party, about 50+ kids and Adults at Park Recreation Center, Glendale  [5.0 star rating]

Thank you very much for the incredible time you presented to my kids and friends!!   Meri D

​​​​August 17, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party, Private residence in Culver city  [5.0 star rating]

I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Freeman perform at the birthday party of a close friend.  He used a limited number of props, including both real and imaginary decks of cards.  It was impossible to figure out how he did the tricks, especially with the imaginary deck of cards.  We were all amazed.  I look forward to seeing Mr. Freeman perform again, hopefully at one of my events.  Rita H

​​​​August 11, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party, Private residence in Culver city  [5.0 star rating]

Rich certainly deserves all the 5-star reviews. Not only is he charming and personable, but the guests at my party were delightfully entertained and awed by his magic. It was just the special touch my party needed, and I will hire Rich again and again. Can’t wait to go to the Magic Castle and see his whole show.
You will not be sorry if you hire Rich for your event.  Laura D

​​​​August 9, 2017  (80th Birthday Party, Restaurant in Camarillo 70+ people  [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at my Fathers surprise birthday party recently and all of our guests were amazed by his great tricks and his strolling magic.  Thank you for making our party a success!  D. E.

​​​​August 9, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

We just saw Rich performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Completely mind-blowing and unforgettable! A must-see for everyone 🙂 Anna B

​​​​August 5, 2017  (Kids Birthday Party, Diamond Bar  [5.0 star rating]

You might not think a “kids magician” would be worth your time as an adult. At least with Rich Freeman, you’d be wrong. He does a great show for the kids, but then works the tables where the adults are all sitting…and does some tricks I have honestly never seen before. I’m pretty good at picking apart most tricks or at least most of a trick, but he did up close tricks that thoroughly baffled me. And a great demeanor to go with it.  Erik J

​​​​​August 2, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

My friends and I had the honor of experiencing Mr. Freeman’s Magic at the Magic Castle. He was absolutely amazing. He blew us away!!
If you love Magic and want to feel the chills – he is your guy.   Keep the Magic going Mr. Freeman. Sending you lots of love.  So Yum O

​​​​July 27, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Great Magician!! Caught his act at the Magic Castle and have never forgotten it! Closeup magic is hard to pull off but he managed it.  Jackie G

​​​​July 25, 2017  (1st Birthday  kids and adults 80+ people) The CenterPointe Club – Playa Vista [5 star ratin​​​​g]

Rich was so great to work with from when I reached out to him to our party and after. After debating if we should have entertainment for our son’s first birthday party I’m happy we moved forward with Rich. He was great with the show he put on for the kids followed by blowing the minds of the adult guests as well with his card tricks.   We loved seeing how delighted our son was with the finale and would highly recommend Rich!  Mia K

July 24, 2017  (1st Birthday  kids and adults 90+ people) Granada Hills [5 star ratin​​​​g]

Rich just did a fantastic job at our son’s first birthday! From the start, Rich was personable and easy to work with. He was a great entertainer who had the children’s undivided attention and he wowed all of the adults at the party with his strolling magic. We highly recommend him for your next party! He was simply amazing and made our son’s birthday party extra special! Thank you, Rich!

​​​​July 24, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is the MAN!!… The way he commands the audience is fantastic!…..His personality is such he needs to be on Television. Here’s an idea….   “The Larry David Show”  Thomas J

​​​​July 24, 2017  (1st Birthday  kids and adults 90+ people) Granada Hills [5 star rating]

We are lucky to be able watch Rich’s show at a friend’s party for their 1 year old boy.  When I first read that there will be a Magician performing, I automatically assuming it will be for the entertainment of kids only.  I was totally wrong.  Not only he entertained all the kids at the party, he made us all grown-up laughing and engaged as well!  Rich is a great magician and great entertainer!  We all, the whole family with two kids at 11 and 8, all loved his performance!!  Wendy R

July 23, 2017  (1st Birthday  kids and adults 90+ people) Granada Hills [5 star rating]

Thank you, Rich, for performing at my son’s first birthday. All of our guests, adults and children alike, all had a blast!  Nitesh B​

​​​​July 19, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Even though you are right next to Rich you can’t tell how he does his magic.

​A little bit of trust goes a long way and before you know it he has you fooled.  Sam D

​​​​July 18, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman was the best magician I saw at the magic castle. He did this amazing card trick with an UNOPENED DECK OF CARDS! It was outrageous. I’m still thinking how he could have possible done it. DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE TO SEE RICH!  Olivia S

​​July 17, 2017  (1st Birthday  kids and adults) The Duck Club, Irvine [5 star rating]

Rich is fantastic. I had my kids birthday event this past weekend and Rich arrived about 2 hours early and stayed approximately 1.5 hours after his scheduled time to leave. Everyone from kids to the adults all enjoyed his magic tricks. This guy is simply amazing… the Yelp reviews are already outstanding, but don’t do justice until you see his show in person.  Amit V

July 10, 2017  (1st Birthday  kids and adults) Langham, Pasadena [5 star rating]

Extremely entertaining for the whole family!!  The kids especially enjoyed it, and he had them screaming with fun and laughing the whole time!!  Phillip L

​​July 10, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Went to see Rich last year at the Magic Castle and was amazed with what he can do. His performance and witty humor really went the extra mile. It also kinda made me appreciate the art a bit more. Even though you try to figure out how he does it, his quick hands leave you still questioning if that was even possible. You will not be disappointed if Rich Freeman is appearing.  Jason C

July 9, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is amazing! Great experience and his professionalism was first class. Rich and the Magic Castle are a must do if in the Los Angeles area. Highly recommend! Marbelio V

​​July 8, 2017 (5th Birthday Party ,  West Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]​

Rich performed at my son’s 5th birthday party. He performed for one full hour, and the kids were absolutely enchanted and did not want him to end. Rich was AMAZING with the kids, read the crowd brilliantly, and dazzled all of us with a truly wonderful and memorable show. Thanks Rich! I highly recommend him. He is easy to reach, coordinate with and discussed in depth the show and details.  Jeannine T

July 6, 2017  (40th Birthday Party ,  Castaways, Burbank [5.0 star rating]

We had the pleasure to meet and see Rich at my friend’s 40th birthday party.  It was 20’s party theme, and he was amazing.  Rich was so fun, entertaining, and his tricks are the best! Still wondering how he did some of his tricks, it was truly a magical night!  Thank you Rich for making it such a fun party.  Would love to see you perform again!  Marianne K

July 5, 2017  (1st Birthday party about 100+ people – Kids and Adults) The Langham Pasadena Hotel [5 star rating]

Rich is a magician’s magician. An outstanding time had by all at a recent birthday party. Perfect for kids of all ages. You can watch all you want but you’ll never figure out how he does what he does.   Just sit back and be entertained and have a great time.  Manny W

July 5, 2017  Holiday Party (500 people) , Newport Beach [5.0 star rating]

Okay, but really how does he do it?
I had the pleasure of watching him perform at a company wide holiday party and he made the event spectacular. I got to participate in one of his tricks that night  and it was even more amazing when you’re a part of it.   Thank you again 🙂 !  Wendy H

June 27, 2017  (58th Birthday Celebration (80 people) Corporate Office, Anaheim  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is by far the best magician I’ve ever seen.   Not only that, but he appeals to all ages.   We hosted my Dad’s birthday party yesterday and my Dad ‘s only request was to have Rich perform in the company of his friends.   We were guests of Rich’s at the Magic Castle in May and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He toured us around like VIPs…not to mention his magic was the absolute BEST of the night.   After that experience, we were continually thinking of ways in which we could incorporate Rich into our parties and my Dad’s birthday was the perfect opportunity.
So, back to last night.   What was so great about last night is that Rich not only blows away the skeptics, but he also had lots of treats and tricks for my niece and nephew who were at the party.   His ability to perform, engage, and thrill our guests of every age is seriously second to none.   Not to mention, he’s just a super nice guy!   If you’re considering hiring a magician to be part of any event, for any audience, Rich is your guy.

He’s well worth any amount of money spent and will not, I repeat, WILL NOT disappoint. In fact, he will blow your socks off!   Katie P

June 27, 2017  Birthday Celebration  [5.0 star rating]

One of the best birthday events I have ever been too included Rich as the main event.  Rich will leave the room speechless and amaze young and old alike.  There is a reason he has so many high star ratings….it is true, Rich is that great at his performing.  And another thing…he is really nice and considerate, I watched him handle a million questions and requests with such grace.  Book him, go see him, you will not be disappointed.  Brad Z

June 25, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Thanks, Rich, for all that you do!!  Rich is a great magician, and I love watching his card tricks not only because of his mastery and superior technique, but also because he’s undoubtedly entertaining, engaging, and personable, which adds to the magic itself.
My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and one of the things I’ve always wanted to do ever since I was younger is to have a magician perform. The experience with Rich and the Magic Castle far exceeded my expectations and truly made for a memorable birthday this year.   Rich, in his communication and assurances, made me feel like a part of his close knit group of friends and family, and the experience was both easy and enjoyable.  Nathan D

June 20, 2017 5.0 star rating   (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

If you want to see your friends’ jaws drop, see Rich’s magic show.  We were standing one foot from him and have no idea how he does it!!  John H

June 18, 2017  (1st Birthday party about 100+ people – ages 1 to 70) The Langham Pasadena Hotel [5 star rating]

We had absolutely the best experience with Rich. We had a party of 100 people or so – 30 kids and everyone really loved his magic. He was so easy and flexible – was able to do a show for all the kids and and lots of tableside magic up close for us.  We will totally hire him again  Aakash A

June 15, 2017(50th Birthday pool party (about 35 people – ages 8 to 60) Granada Hills [4 star rating]

Rich came out for my birthday celebration.  He was able to entertain the kids as well as the adults.  He was on time and professional.  I would definitely use his services again!  Carolyn C

June 14, 2017  (18th Birthday and Graduation party (about 80 people – Teens & Parents) Fullerton [5 star rating]

Hi I’m Janay’s brother from the party.  Thank you so much for showing up to the birthday party u were awesome.  Evan M

June 5, 2017  (Year end school party (80-100 Kids & Parents) LILA International School, Pasadena [5 star rating]

Our school’s Parent Association engaged Rich for our annual end of year fair, and both students and parents were thrilled!  He arrived early, generated lots of excitement before his show, and was super charming and engaging.  We have already booked him again for next year!!   Highly recommend!!!   Ellen T

June 5, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich’s show was fantastic. I saw it a couple of years ago while visiting the Magic Castle. Would recommend seeing him more than once!  Joe A

May 31, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich perform at the Magic Castle and he is super talented. He knows how to intrigue and entertain a crowd, everyone was leaning in closer to see what he’d do next. He interacted with the group and is really funny too!I  Ali S

​​May 30, 2017  (80th Birthday Party (about 50 people with some kids)  Sherman Oaks [5.0 star rating]

Rich was very accommodating with time and price. He played to our audience and involved them in participating. This was an 80th Birthday party at a restaurant and Rich went from table to table. We even had some small children and he customized his act to them as well. I would highly recommend him to top any event you are planning. Beverly R

​May 30, 2017  (Kids and Adult Birthday Party,  Downey [5.0 star rating]

I was at a party where Rich performed. I was identified as the most skeptical one there. Rich was amazing! I went from a skeptic to a believer. Will definitely try to see sometime again.  Matthew K

May 28, 2017  (Kids and Adult Birthday Party,  Downey [5.0 star rating]

Great guy, good tricks, I was definitely tricked and I’m 21. He’s great around kids and adults, I’d get him for my event.  Aron C

May 26, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party  (40th),  Burbank [5.0 star rating]

Rich is an Amazing magician. I am still wondering how he can do all these tricks. Simply the best I have every seen in live show. In addition, he is so nice and funny. I guess you got it. We LOVE it. Thanks Rich.  Philippe G​

May 26, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is a true master of his craft.  Brought my wife and parents to the Magic Castle last night.  Rich treated us to a variety of card tricks, color tricks, and ESP tricks.  We sat right up front and watched intently and still have no idea how he worked his magic.  A great showman and highly recommended for an entertaining night of illusions and comedy.  Jon K

May 26, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich gave us an impromptu tour of the castle, after his shift had ended, and also gave the BEST magic show we saw all night. I don’t understand how he reads minds the way he does, but the show was amazing!  Natasha M

May 20, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]
Amazingly talented magician. A must see act at the magic castle. If you are lucky enough to get a private act you will get to see his up-close tricks which are unbelievable. Two words: Mind Blown!   Tr24 R

​May 20, 2017  (5th Annual Spring Bash (Adults and Kids), Rancho Estenmo,  Acton [5.0 star rating]

Thank you Rich!  You Rock!  You made our night!  Laura R

May 19, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party  (40th),  Castaways, Burbank [5.0 star rating]

Rich the magician is Fantastic. He’s as good as they come. He showed us a card trick at my friend’s birthday party that left my jaw open at the end. The party had a Gadsby theme to it and Rich even dressed the part with steam punk goggles. He is very talented.  Kelly H

May 16, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Up close and personal! Rich offers a very unique and wonderful magical experience. Regardless if you see him in the world renowned Magic Castle or your friends home, you are in for a very special treat! Enjoy! Charles B

May 15, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich last year at the Magic Castle and he was great. His card tricks are awesome. You won’t be able to figure out how he does it! He’s also a pretty charming guy, and he really contributed to a fun night for us!  Carolyn M

​May 15, 2017  (Kids Birthday Party Ages 8 – 11 (20 kids),  Huntington Beach [5.0 star rating]

Rich did my son’s 10th birthday party.  He was kind, patient and entertaining.  He stayed a bit longer to entertain the guests after the show with some really cool card tricks.  He was great!  Highly recommended.  Nancy L

​May 15, 2017 (Kids Birthday Party Ages 6-7 (11 kids),  Private School,  Santa Monica [5.0 star rating]

Thank you again SO much for coming into my class last week for Vadim’s birthday! The kids all had such a great time watching and participating in your magic show  =)  Molly A

May 14, 2017  (Kids Birthday Party Ages 6 to 11 (15 kids),  North Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Thank you for being prompt and keeping your promise of entertaining the kids!  Thank you for your service and kid talent.  They all loved you and enjoyed the magic! John and Rose

May 9, 2017  (​Heads Up Youth Foundation ​for Homeless Families​ Ages 3 to Adult,  North Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

We hired Rich to perform at an event we were hosting for children and he was fantastic!  The children were attentive for the entire time.  We loved how he had so much interaction with the crowd giving all the opportunity to help assist him with his tricks.  His magic kept the attention of both the children and the adults.  He is so nice, funny and we definitely recommend him to all!  Sharil F

May 8, 2017  (Kids Birthday Party Ages 3 to 12,  Santa Monica  [5.0 star rating]

Would love to see him perform again! I saw Rich at a kids’ birthday party and he’s not only a fantastic magician, but an amazing entertainer. He was funny, likeable and fun to chat with as well. His tricks were amazing. I’d love to invite him for an adult performance sometime.  Susan M

May 4, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

What an AMAZING magician…I just don’t know where to start!
Rich is by far the nicest, personable, talented magician I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! I had a group of 12 people in my party celebrating my boyfriend’s 42nd birthday.   We have always wanted to visit the Magic Castle and finally we were able to make our dreams come true and Rich truly made the magic happen for us! He entertained us with his witty and unique magical skills while we dined on our scrumptious meals.   What an amazing night!  Thank you Rich…you are truly a gem!!!   I will definitely recommend him to everyone who’s looking for some amazing magic and entertainment!!!    Jacqueline N

May 2, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Mind Blown!! I had the pleasure of seeing Rich perform at the Magic Castle. His card magic left me speechless; I am still trying to figure out how he did it. If you ever have the opportunity to see Rich you must not let it pass you by. His magic is up close and personal and will leave you in pure amazement. I can’t wait to see Rich perform again.   Lisa R

May 2, 2017  (Trade Show, Santa Ana [5.0 star rating]

Met Rich at an event he was hired at in the OC. He stumped me and the others watching his tricks. He guessed my card right, both times! Really talented and likeable.  Sheila M

May 1, 2017  (Kids Birthday Party  – Son’s 19th and Adults, Granada Hills  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was amazing. He engaged all my guests including myself in a fun and exiting and magical show. All were happy and laughing and having so much fun. Rich engaged with my son who has Autism and my boy was so happy that that alone is priceless!! Thank you Rich for a wonderful evening!!  Amaliya A

April 30, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was not scheduled to perform at the Magic Castle, but I am so glad that I was able to run into him for an unscheduled performance.   We were lucky enough to wander into a room where he was performing.   We got an up-close performance and boy did he amaze us!   While I have seen a good number of tricks, he definitely lived up to his title of magician as he WOWed me and my friend!   He topped some of the scheduled performances we went to that evening and that is saying a lot!  Jason W

April 29, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Not only did he do great magic tricks, he also was a genuinely nice guy and made the magic fun! He would be great with people of all ages. The only reason I would not book him is because I am still wondering how he did some of the tricks that he did. Otherwise, prepare to be amazed!

Rich was absolutely amazing. He in my opinion is a phenomenal magician. I would recommend him any time at any place.  Becky R

​​April 28, 2017  (Corporate Party – Mortgage Lender,  Newhall [5.0 star rating]

We’ve had the great fortune to see Rich at a number of events and he’s always been amazingly entertaining, fun, funny, witty and approachable. I have no idea how he does what he does, but that’s the whole point, right? Rich engages his audience, invites participation and “wow’s” everyone with his mastery. I highly recommend hiring Rich for any event where you’re looking to add class, fun and MAGIC!  Mark P

​​April 28, 2017  (Corporate Party  Bank of America,  Simi Valley [5.0 star rating

saw you yesterday at the Bank of America event.   I thought you were great.  Jeffrey A

April 28, 2017  (Corporate Party  Bank of America,  Simi Valley [5.0 star rating

Hi Rich, I received great feedback on your performance yesterday. Thank you for an awesome show  Shameka J

​April 27, 2017 (Kids Birthday Party Daughter’s 11th,  Dana Point [5.0 star rating]

Everyone had a great time and I am sure they will remember the experience for the rest of their long lives.   I will check with the neighbors to see if anyone wants to use you for other birthday parties.  Mike R

​April 27, 2017  (Corporate Party  Bank of America,  Simi Valley [5.0 star rating]

​We had a casino themed celebration at work and Rich was the magician. I really enjoyed all his magic tricks during the entire show and he was very engaging with his audience. I would recommend him if you’ll ever need entertainment for both adult and kids parties!  Ruby Q

​April 24, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party  (40th),  Castaways, Burbank [5.0 star rating]

Rich came to our party well prepared, well dressed and he really entertained our guests.  Rich is very nice and takes the right approach to people to start his “magic”.   We have received only great feedback from our guests about Rich.   We recommend Him for any event!  Seb C.

​April 23, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party  (40th),  Castaways, Burbank [5.0 star rating]

Had the pleasure of Djing at a party tonight where Rich was performing. As loud as the music was, you could still here people in the crowd going “whaaaaaaaaat???” every time Rich blew their minds.  I was lucky enough to be setup close to his main table so I got to watch quite a few of his tricks in between songs. Amazing musician and really nice guy. The guests and the staff both enjoyed his performance and his personality. Now I know who to recommend if someone needs a magician. A++    Xavier G

April 22, 2017  (Trade Show, Santa Ana [5.0 star rating]

We had the pleasure of watching him do a card trick and color trick and both were amazing. He was engaging and entertaining from start to finish. I have no idea how he did it, but he got us every time.  Kayla T

April 17, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Seriously… how did he do it?  My friends and I were sitting so close to him. Rich is either professor X and can read our mind or is a true Magician!
Rich performed for us at the Magic Castle. I love to host my out of town guests and friends at the Magic castle and I get to see a ton of very impressive magicians with great tricks.  Rich is definitely one of the top magicians i’ve seen. He has a charming and very likable personality that makes you want to stay longer to watch more shows he performs. I was genuinely impressed with his ESP act and can’t wait to go back to figure out how he did it! Definitely the entertainer of the evening I’d love to hire for private events. Highly recommend watching his show at the MC or hire him for your next event!  Kwiri Y

April 14, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party (with kids) Long Beach [5.0 star rating]

Rich was booked for my cousin’s birthday party and was entertaining to the whole party (about 40-50 people), and to all ages (between 2-50), with a variety of tricks and magic.  Highly recommended as you won’t be disappointed.  Also will be attending the Magic Castle as he is a regular there.  Tony C

April 13, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich at the Magic Castle and he put on a really great show. He was funny and had some really interesting ways to show off his stuff. He is also a really great, genuine guy. Do not pass up the chance to see Rich do his thing. Thanks again for keeping magic alive.  Haley C

April 10, 2017  (Kids 11th Birthday Party(with Adults) – Pizza Restaurant, Quartz Hill [5.0 star rating]

We all had a magical  time look forward  to seeing your show again. [?] Krystal V

​​​​April 9, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party (with kids) – Harry Potter Theme, Long Beach [5.0 star rating]

Hi Rich,  My name is Tony and you had performed at my cousin Sewell’s birthday last night, in which you did an incredible job.  Thank you,  Tony C


April 8, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party (with kids) – Harry Potter Theme, Long Beach [5.0 star rating]

Best magician ever! At a private party and totally enjoyed him. He is funny, incredible and super fun to watch! I will definitely go see him at the Magic Castle, he has been doing shows there for over 20 years.  Gina F

​​​​April 7, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was amazing. He knew the card I decided upon from a non-existent deck of cards and then produced it from a real deck. Incredible.  Len W

Plus the following email : 

Dear Rich: You are amazing.  I was with Dale Hindman’s party and I wandered in to see what was going on in your room.  I am telling everyone how incredible it was that you knew I was thinking of the 7 of Diamonds from the imaginary deck.  Truely amazing.  You made my whole evening.  Thanks again.  Len W

April 3, 2017  (Black Barts Steakhouse,  Flagstaff, AZ  [5.0 star rating]

While visiting Flagstaff we were able to meet Mr. Rich while having dinner.  As we were leaving the restaurant Mr. Rich  came up to my toddler and did a magic trick were lots of colorful stream paper came out of his mouth and all of a sudden like magic a play bunny appeared and he gave it to my toddler.  It was very generous of him to do such a wonderful gesture.  We need more wonderful people like Mr. Rich in this world.  My child was was so happy with his gift and Rich’s magic trick was absolutely amazing.  I would highly recommend him and he is great with kids!  Adilene S

​​March 28, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

After another wonderful evening at the Magic Castle, my group was starting to wrap up after our last show and we decided to do a final walk through the downstairs bar area to see if we could find any last magic shows or sleight of hand close up magic. That’s where we found Rich. He was preparing to leave but warmly invited us in for a last series of tricks before the night ended. We sat down and shared some jokes and laughs as he led us through some of his great tricks. As he performed his great magicianry for us all we could do was sit back and nervously laugh as we pondered “how in the world!?”.  Danny H

​​March 27, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I would love to see him again and would recommend him for any event you have in mind.Rich is nothing short of AWESOME!   I recently took a group of friends to The Magic Castle and Rich hosted us, treated us like gold…made sure we at the right place at the right time, and performed flawless magic for us during the night as well!   He made sure everyone had the time of their lives!  He is the consummate host, a class act, and one heck of a great magician!   I highly recommend him to ANYONE looking for a phenomenal magician, a great performer, and a guy who will take over the room!    I have had the added pleasure of having Rich perform at my home for various other events…and he always lives up to the highest of expectations! Curt K

​​March 26, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Richard is the BEST!!  We loved his show! Best magician out there by far!! Thank you Rich!!!!  Tiffanie R

March 19, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is a talented magician who captivates his audience. I have had the pleasure of watching him perform on multiple occasions both inside and away from the castle. I used him to perform at my company Christmas party and he was a hit! If you ever get the privilege to have him take you on a tour of the castle his knowledge is AMAZING. He truly has a passion for magic and can make any event a great one!  Stephanie M

​​​March 19, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I had the honor to be invited to the magic castle by rich freeman this past weekend. Rich was not only an amazing magician but such a perfect gentleman. He showed us some mind boggling tricks and left us in awe! I can’t wait to see him again and see his full show. He was by far my favorite at the castle. Five stars hands down. You wouldn’t be disappointed.  Melissa M

March 18, 2017  (15th Birthday Party,  Baldwin Hills Park  [4.0 star rating]

Great show. Very personable. Sweet Card tricks. Nice Hat. Prompt and patient. Rich is a born magic man, seems to love his work and good at it too.  William M.

March 12, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party, Calabassas  [5.0 star rating]

If you want a magical event, DO NOT HESITATE, book Rich! Fascinating, engaging, entertaining, personality to spare and one of the best magicians I have ever seen! My guests are still talking about him! I have assisted magicians at the Magic Castle (Rich is regular performer there!) and this man is the best!
It was an all adult party and Rich mingled and strolled flabbergasting my friends and family with his magic! Honestly incredible! And he is handsome to boot!
Really made my birthday party a huge success!  BOOK HIM FOR YOUR EVENT! You will be so glad you did! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ​ Kim H

​March 12, 2017  (Adult Birthday Party, Calabassas  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is a consummate professional, and a very skilled magician! He’s very engaging, whether doing esp or a wide variety of card magicking. I’d recommend him to anyone.  Steve A

​March 8, 2017  (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is really an awesome guy and fantastic magician. He was able to get us a special invite to the Magic Castle where we were fine dined and wined. Rich came to our table and performed some really mind blowing tricks. We were literally stunned with the performance. He performed a trick that essentially read my mind with out me saying anything. It was super cool. I don’t usually do much for my birthday but I’m booking this guy next time!  Justin K

​March 1, 2017 (Children’s Birthday Party,  Pasadena [5.0 star rating]

Dear Rich,
I hope you’re well. We saw your performance at Charlie’s birthday on February 4th and truly enjoyed it.
There will be a year end party at our kids school and we would love to have a magician show.
Would you be available on this date, show would need to be in the afternoon around 3pm?
Don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.  Laurence V

​February 27, 2017 (Fund Raiser / Wine Tasting Event,  Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

Class act and rock star. I really enjoyed his presentation.  Dena B

​February 26, 2017 (Fund Raiser -School Foundation Adults,  Thousand Oaks [5.0 star rating]

We attended a school foundation function last night and were lucky enough to be entertained by Rich Freeman. It was an added surprise to have his magic there and so much fun. He is funny and kind and added so much to such an enjoyable evening.  Lori B

​February 20, 2017 (First Birthday Kids & Adults,  Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

RIch performed for my son’s first birthday party and was great with the kids (age range 1-8) and adults alike.  He’s a great performer without being too flashy, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show! His price was a great value for a home party, and I’m looking forward to visiting the Magic Castle now!  Helen M

​February 18, 2017 (Fund Raiser / Wine Tasting Event,  Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

We were lucky enough to run into Rich at an event in Sierra Madre last night and he was so great I had to write a review for this FANTASTIC magician!! He is funny, personable, and an absolutely AMAZING magician. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a mind blowing performance!! 5+ stars!!  Kelley H

​​ ​February 16, 2017 (Adult 30th Birthday Party,  Mission Viejo [5.0 star rating]

“The Hands” is one of the most entertaining and unique magicians I’ve had the pleasure to see. Super funny guy, his humor in his magic makes his shows more entertaining and more engaging than all the others I’ve seen. His Magic is really good, not cheesy, overall, definitely worth watching. Me and my friends had tons of fun watching him and would definitely recommend his show.  Californiagirl A

​February 14, 2017 (Kids Birthday Party,  Pasadena [5.0 star rating]

Rich was so great! He kept 25 very young kids in complete awe for nearly an hour.  The magic was so fun – and believable – to watch.
The parents had just as much fun as the kids did. I would definitely recommend Rich to perform at your party!  Keri H

​February 13, 2017 (Adult 30th Birthday Party,  Mission Viejo [5.0 star rating]

I attended a 30th birthday party last weekend where Rich was performing.  There were 30 people or so at this home, ranging in age from 20 to way older (including me).  Rich was very entertaining and was able to engage and entertain all the people at the party.  His magic was great, and his personality made the party a great event.  I highly recommend Rich for any gathering where you want an entertainer to spice up the event. Steve S

February 12, 2017 (Adult 30th Birthday Party,  Mission Viejo [5.0 star rating]

Hired Rich for my daughter’s 30th birthday party-what a great decision!  Rich puts on a great show performing an array of ESP, card tricks, and other types of magic to the joy and amazement of all our 40 or so guests.  He performs to the entire group and then goes around to entertain the guests in smaller groups.   He is supremely skilled, we were all amazed.  Very personable, friendly, and well worth it!!!!  Thierry M

February 8, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

My friends and I visited the Magic castle where we had the pleasure of seeing Rich do what his magic.  Rich is AMAZING! His magic show kept the whole room mesmerized and thrilled with his magic tricks. After he finished his show, people still stayed in their seats because nobody wanted to leave. Rich did not disappoint. He began  doing more magic tricks for the room and still kept everyone attentions. He made even the skeptical person in our group a believer!! He’s very passionate about his craft and you can tell he really enjoys what he does. I can’t wait to to return to the Magic Castle to see Rich perform again   Gretchen D

February 7, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

What a great evening! This wasn’t my first time to the Magic Castle, but it was equally as amazing. Rich is a terrific entertainer and host. What a show! It was fun and fantastic and left us with our mouths agape. A great host, Rich knows the ins and outs about the Castle and has been a member for 30 years. Great magician with a wonderful personality!  Lauren B

​February 6, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

We recently saw Rich Freeman at the Magic Castle and he was AMAZING! He was so friendly, fun, and talented. My friends and I were blown away by his skills. It was such a treat to see him perform up close. He was definitely one of the highlights of our visit to Magic Castle and we hope to see him perform again soon. I’m sure he would be so awesome at a private party or event. Thanks so much Rich!    Y.B.

February 6, 2017 (Kids Birthday Party,  San Marino [5.0 star rating]

I met Rich at kids birthday party. Rich did wonderful job to entertain our kids and to keep them focused. He made sure that Birthday boy feels special and receives all attention. If your kids like magic, I would certainly recommend Rich for your next party.
All his tricks were unique and interesting – so much that many parents were watching them as well. Rich went extra step and spent some time with adults at the end as well. His card tricks were very cool.  And of top of watching his excellent show, Rich extended to us an invitation to visit Magic Castel. Looking forward to visit Magic Castle next to enjoy magic is such a unique place.  Anna A

​February 5, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Excellent presentation with his magic tricks. The magic done is in such a way that one would never expect the results nor the magic involved.

Very impressive. Cyrus I

​February 3, 2017 (Adult Birthday Party,  Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

Rich did a birthday party (adult) and it was quite the entertaining night! I see a lot of reviews on here for kids, but he def can suit an older (and may I say a bit tipsy) crowd! Had a great night watching all his card tricks and seeing everyone’s mind blown by his tricks. Hoping to go see him at the magic castle soon, as he gave out invitations to anyone who was interested in going at the party!  Raquel T

​February 3, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is fantastic! He gave my in-laws a tour of the Magic Castle and then he performed a close up magic show for them. He is so good that my skeptical father in law was blown away. He knows everything there is to know about the Magic Castle’s history and makes a wonderful tour guide. Such a nice guy and a great magician. Hope to hire him in the future to perform.  Jennifer S

​February 1, 2017 (Company Party,  Oxnard  [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed at our company holiday dinner. From the minute I began contacting him about performing at our party, he was a true professional. Our communication was very clear and open. Our event was outside of Rich’s general area, and he was still there early and ready to go. Once his show started, he worked the room very well. We had a part of room sectioned off for the children. Rich spent time with the kids and put smiles on all their faces. Overall, we very happy with his services. We will definitely use him again.  Edwin R

January 25, 2017 (New Years Eve Party,  Redondo Beach  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was both fun and professional at my cousin’s New Years Eve party. Considering we were a large and admittedly obnoxious group, he captured and kept our attention the entire time he was there.  Let Rich know if you are skeptical about magic, he loves to change your mind!  Rachel H

​​​​January 25, 2017 (Company Party,  Los Angeles [5.0 star rating]

Rich was our magician at our company holiday party back in December, and he definitely left most of us in awe (and defeat, for those of us who kept trying to figure him out). While people were mingling, he wasn’t shy about coming up to small groups of people to entertain. He does a great job at breaking the ice. He was very animated and encouraged participants of the magic tricks to be just as enthusiastic. He amused us and confused us and left many of us wanting to go to The Magic Castle for more! I can’t tell you how amazed I was by his talent, and he was so smooth about it all. He always had a new trick up his sleeve. I’ve never been one for magic tricks (trust me, when I realized we had a magician at our party, I initially shrugged and thought I would try to avoid interacting with him), but after Rich’s entertainment, I can’t wait to see more at the castle.  Sherry C

​January 18, 2017 (Birthday Party for 8 year old, San Marino  [5.0 star rating]

Such a great guy! Funny, sweet, patient, and extremely talented!  My son loved him! How did he do those amazing tricks? He is the real deal!!!! Thank you, Rich!!!!! You completely wowed us.  Jennifer G

January 17, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Had the pleasure of meeting Rich a few weeks back at Magic Castle with my wife and our two friends. Rich was getting ready to start his show downstairs, as the room cleared out from the previous act he kindly invited us down front to sit at the table. We were amazed with his magic as he did a trick for each of us.  We basically experienced a private show for close to 20min!  He was also nice enough to make several suggestions for other magicians that were at the castle that evening.  Richs’ love for magic was plain to see; he had excitement in his eyes and we were lucky enough to have him share it with us. He was the highlight of our evening for sure.  Don M

​January 9, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I met Rich at the Magic Castle where he regaled my friends and I with some amazing sleight of hand card tricks! He was so knowledgable about the Castle, it’s history, and gave us an insider’s guide to navigating its many rooms and what to do. So glad that we had the opportunity to meet, he really made our adventure at the Castle special with his incredible performance, and very personable + gracious ways!   Morgan R

January 9, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Richard was an incredible host and top-rate magician. He guided us on everything from history of The Castle to navigating the many bars and shows. He made my 31st birthday one I will never forget!  Kelly M

January 9, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was a wonderful Magic Castle host!! He gave lots of fun history about the castle and tips about which magic shows to catch and when. Definitely a character and helped us to have a fabulous night!! We definitely recommend him 🙂  Kristien O

January 8, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is an incredible host and his magic is captivating. I cannot wait to see him perform again!  Definitely two thumbs up for “the Hands”!  Robert C

January 5, 2017 (Manny’s 35th Birthday celebration, Atwood Village) [5.0 star rating]

Rich was awesome! He was very reasonable in cost, very professional, and great with all of my guests. I hired him for my husband’s 35th birthday party. He was very entertaining and everyone was impressed with all of his magic tricks. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to hire a magician for their private event. I would definitely hire him again. Serena A

January 3, 2017 (Manny’s 35th Birthday celebration, Atwood Village –  Letter from Serena A)

I Apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve been out of town. Thank you so much for making my husband’s birthday such a memorable experience. He definitely loved his birthday surprise. And all of my guests kept telling me how much fun they were having. They are definitely looking forward to seeing you in action at the Magic Castle 😉 I will go through all of the pictures and videos that I took at the party and will send them to you tomorrow.   And I will for sure write you a great Yelp review 🙂 Thanks again for being a part of my husband’s special day. (Letter from Serena A)

January 3, 2017 (Long beach Convention Center, Long Beach [5 star rating]

The kids loved it!  Thanks, Vanessa

January 3, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is awesome!  He performed a fantastic set for a smaller group of us which left us all in disbelief!  Great magician, great person, and a truly a great show.
In addition to his magic, he is also a Magic Castle Knight (I think that’s the right term) which means he is well versed in the history of the building and knows a great deal about the castle in general.  If you ever get an opportunity to see him or speak with him, take it!  Ricky L

January 3, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was one of the magicians I saw at the magic castle for a friends 40th. He not only made the night memorable with his magic, but he is so incredibly knowledgeable about the castle itself and was truly helpful with anything we needed. Even now, months later, when i reached out about an invitation, he readily sent me 2 invitations and offered to stop by even though he doesn’t usually work the day i needed. Seriously, above and beyond and i can’t wait to go back!  I just hope we get to see him again.  Shawna K

January 3, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Got to watch Rich perform a private magic show, and I must say…”mind-boggled” is an understatement. Rich is not only a phenomenal magician, but an equally magical and friendly host. Definitely a must-see magician.  Eric M

January 2, 2017 (Magic Castle, Hollywood   [5.0 star rating]

I had the opportunity to visit the magic castle this past week and Rich was the first person who greeted us and we were able to watch perform a show. It was so much fun and such an amazing way to start our evening! If anyone has the opportunity to visit, find Rich, and enjoy the evening! Brooke F

December 31, 2016 (Manny’s 35th Birthday celebration, Atwood Village [5.0 star rating]

Thank you for the wonderful show!  Deanna H

December 30, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich did a show in one of the smaller rooms with ~25 people in it.   As we were waiting for people to trickle in, I was asking him questions about the place, and how he became a magician.   He was very knowledgeable about the Magic Castle, and even gave us a short (yet very interesting) history lesson about the room.   He did this one trick with Colors that had our entire group wondering how it was done…  Fantastic Magician!!!!!   Steven L

December 30, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

​We met Rich Wednesday night at the Magic Castle. We went down to the dungeon right as a performer was finishing. Our group of 4 was noticeably disappointed, and the only other person in the room turned to us and asked us if we’d like a private show.   Of course this person was Rich, who made each of us the star of a our own personal trick. He then took the time to recommend other performers who were there that night. It was truly humbling to hear him speak so highly of the other magicians.  We saw numerous acts afterward, but 2 days later and we’re all still talking about his magic!  I still can’t figure out how he knew what card I was thinking about in my head!  Kevin G

December 29, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is a fantastic magician! He has a perfect blend of personality, humor, and artistry that makes every person in attendance feel at ease as he dazzles you with his performance. I still don’t know how he did any of his tricks. Guess it really is magic… Alex M

December 29, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman is an amazing Magician and host my family enjoyed a wonderful night at the Magic Castle!  Frank M

December 26, 2016 (Holiday Party at Restaurant, Seal Beach [5.0 star rating]

Rich performed for us at a holiday party I planned. It was an open house with about 50 people and he walked around the restaurant performing magic to different groups of people. Everyone there told me how much they enjoyed his magic and how having him there really enhanced the party. He is a super nice man who was able to fit into the group seamlessly. I highly recommend him and would definitely hire him again for our next party.   Felice S

(And  again in a private email) Thanks again. You were the hit of the party! Felice S

December 17, 2016 (Holiday Party for Advertising Agency – Sherman Oaks [5.0 star rating]

Thank you for the wonderful show last night!  Nina R

December 12, 2016 (Holiday Party for IFMA (International Facilities Management Assoc.) Sherman Oaks [5.0 star rating]

Thank you for entertaining us once again! You were fantastic!  Christina S

December 11, 2016 (Private Residence, Studio City [5.0 star rating]

We met yesterday at Harrison’s birthday party in (Studio City). We were blown away by your performance! … =). Myrna M

December 3, 2016 (8-year-old – and Adults Birthday Party, Mendocino Farms Restaurant, Thousand Oaks [5.0 star rating]

We had a Magical Birthday indeed! Thank you for the superb performance and enchanting tricks.  You were super awesome. Thanks so much!! – Rashmi G

December 2, 2016 (Panzanella Ristorante, Sherman Oaks [5.0 star rating]

Rich “The Hands” was a resounding success at the IFMA Holiday event last night at Panzanella ristorante. His slight of hand and candor were excellent. Our entire table was mesmerized by his performances.   Still going through the video to find his “tells”  Thank you,  Dennis C – Dole Food Co.

November 28, 2016 (Private Residence, Brentwood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich came to my wife’s 50th. Worked the room and fascinated everyone with his tricks. Great time.  Great magician and showman.  SDS

November 25, 2016 (Valley Village Dental Holiday Party at Maggianos Restaurant, The Grove  [5.0 star rating]

Thanks a million for coming out.   The kids couldn’t stop talking about you, and the adults were confused as ever about some of your really mind blowing tricks. Michelle G

November 25, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman is a mind-blowing entertainer. His magic will leave you speechless, he has mastered the art of card tricks. I will definitely be back to the Magic Castle to see Rich.      Mary S

November 18, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was an incredible magician and host. He’s extremely hospitable and so passionate about magic. He took time to impart his knowledge on my group and allotted time in his busy schedule to perform some very impressive and entertaining magic tricks. This was the most memorable experience I’ve had in my 3 visits to la. I will absolutely return and recommend it to anyone without reservation   RC

November 13, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

I cannot say enough about the kindness and graciousness of Rich. My wife and I had the pleasure of spending time with him at the Magic Castle last night. His knowledge of the Castle’s history is impressive, his enthusiasm is boundless, and the respect he receives from all his fellow magicians is well deserved.
We did get to experience some of his close up magic and it was flawless.
I would highly recommend him for any type of event as he has the warmth of personality to entertain any age group.
But the real value is to meet someone so earnest, sincere and passionate in what he does to ensure the legacy of magic  lives on. Truly an honor to have met such a gentleman.  Keith L

November 1, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]
We absolutely love Rich!! Seeing his show made our trip to the Magic Castle better than we could have ever imagined! Not only is he a great magician, he connects with his audience and is very personable.   We love Rich!!   Rebecca  F

October 31, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]
Rich was an amazing magician. He did some illusions for my wife and me privately before numerous people started showing up. He invited us back and we look forward to returning to the Castle to see him!

October 30, 2016 (Fall Festival, Marina Del Rey  [5.0 star rating]

I saw Rich the “majicstar” perform at an outdoor event in Marina Del Rey this weekend and there was always a line to see his performance.   He was very entertaining and interacted well with people of all ages.   I look forward to the next chance I get to see him perform!  Brian S

October 11, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was an absolute incredible host! He graciously gave me two invitation codes so we could have a bigger party. Then he wasn’t supposed to come in on that Saturday night but made a special appearance which made the birthday girl feel extra special. We were in the private Houdini Room for dinner which was amazing and Rich did some magic just for our table. He is a great mind reader.
He really made all of us feel welcome and I would highly recommend his services for a private event. Amazing!    Alison G

September 30, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

The whole experience was completely out of this world not only for me, but for my whole group!  Patricia P from – Amsterdam, Holland

September 25, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was seriously amazing.  His show is extremely entertaining and left our entire group in shock and disbelief.  Rich engages with the entire crowd and even the skeptics became believers.  If you are heading the to magic castle you need to make sure you go see Rich, you won’t regret it!

September 19, 2016 (6 year old – and Adults Birthday Party, Laguna Hills)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich has put together a fantastic feel good show pure entertainment for adults and children! A modern tradition brought back to life for all ages. I really enjoyed both the kid and adult show. Highly recommended if you want to bring your party to life this magician is a great addition.  Sarah A

September 18, 2016 ( 6 year old & adults Birthday Party, Laguna Hills)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich came to entertain the kids at my nephew and niece’s joint birthday party. He was amazing with the kids and they were in awe of the magic. He did a great job humoring the kids when they were trying to trick him. After the show he took some time to walk around and entertain the adults with some incredible card tricks. George still doesn’t know how he got his card. I would definitely recommend Rich for your next event. You will not be disappointed.  Annie L

September 18, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

My friends and I were at the Magic Castle a week ago and were privileged enough to see an intimate show with Rick!  He was incredible with close-up magic card and coin tricks.  So much so that my friends and I, sitting directly across a small card table from Rick, couldn’t even tell how he did any of his tricks!  Glad we got to discover Rick that night, and looking forward to seeing him again on future visits!  Geoffrey M

September 18, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman is an extraordinary magician! I was lucky enough too see him at the Magic Castle. If you ever get the chance to see him “work his magic” you will be truly amazed. Very entertaining.  Don’t miss his show!!! Thank you, Mr. Freeman for your exceptional performance.  S. O.

August 31, 2016 (50th Birthday Party, Long Beach) 5.0 star rating]

Rich is a fantastic host and great entertainer! He entertained 30 close friends for a surprise 50th birthday I co-hosted. Our Birthday girl was overwhelmed with the surprise and having Rich there to entertain and perform some incredible magic was the icing on the cake! She was thrilled to be treated so well and Rich did a great job of including us all in his performance. I would highly recommend him for your party or event. What is even better- is that he is genuinely a nice guy. Easy to talk with, communicates well and responds quickly to request. He was on time and an overall great presence to have at our party. He truly enjoys his craft and has a passion for what he does, which is evident with how professional, responsive, and kind he is.  Jessica K

August 24, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

We got a full Magic Castle tour and history lesson PLUS the best magic show of the night with Rich.  He is so good at his craft, entertaining, funny, witty and handsome!   By far one of the best evenings we have ever had.  Thanks RICH!!!! Jacqueline R

August 23, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Richard is a fantastic guy and a pleasure to deal wit and a great magician. Highly recommend him if you are looking to book a magician for an event.  Dan Y

August 22, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Had the opportunity to visit The Magic Castle this past Friday with family. We had a blast!! All magicians were good. But, one stood out. Rich Freeman was personable, friendly and funny. Honestly, one of the best magicians I’ve seen thus far. Here I am, 3 days later, still wondering “how in the hell did you do that!!”
Thank you Rich for an amazing show!! Louis C

August 21, 2016 (Micro Brewery, Carpenteria)  [5.0 star rating]
Rich was taking a break from L.A. and was hydrating at a micro brew up on the Santa Barb coast side.  Sitting at the bar, he pulled out a tiny box with a 6-side die with diff colors and blew our minds!  🙂   Due to this encounter, I’ll be planning to take my wife to Magic Castle so I can let her see how unbelievable his MAGIC is!
Oh yea… Rich… Tradition here at Island Brewing Company is if you really have a great time with a customer, put a few beers up on the board for him/her!  I’ll email a photo of the entry soon!  Tom & friends-at-the-bar

August 18, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

As soon as we got inside, and because it was our first time, we felt kinda lost.  Rich happened to be in the area and offered to give us a tour of the location.
Being guided by him was a great way to get to know the place and made everything easier for the rest of the night!  He was really friendly, and with all the anecdotes and encounters on the way,  Rich really seamed to be part of the castle (which makes sense as his name-tag said something like “Magic Castle Knight”!) + we got to see a nice performance from him by the end of the tour!   If you happen to be there and it is your first time, I highly recommend you to follow him for a tour!  Arthur N

August 11, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman did a private magic show for us at the Magic Castle for my friends and I. We were all floored and loved his charisma and fun card tricks. He was amazing! He gave us so much history and information about the castle we didn’t know. I highly recommend Rich! He was the absolute best host and we were all so happy to have run into him while our visit at The Magic Castle!  Alice B

August 10, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was an amazing host, like to thank you for a great time! My party was of 15 & we were all satisfied with your awesome & friendliness attitude. I would recommend Rich anytime! Renee M

August 10, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

It was my first time visiting the magic castle last month in July.  We had dinner, watched the shows and of course, had some drinks. I walked in a room and wanted an intimate up-close show and Rich Freeman did just that. My cousin had picked me to volunteer with the tricks, which I was glad she did because it made it a whole lot more fun. He made us laugh, he intrigued us, and he blew our mind with the cards tricks.  We were all absolutely amazed.  We all left with our jaws dropped. It was a great cozy environment, which had different sections of magicians that were all so talented, but Rich had to be my favorite hands down!  Sandy X

August 7, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Mr. Freeman was a delightful and hospitable host. I enjoyed his performance and can not wait to see him again.

A magnificent fellow and superb Magician! Tammy W

August 8, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

I took my file to the Magic Castle for the first time on Saturday  July 30th and we had a truly amazing time. One of the best memories we shared was when the six of us were sitting around a pub table with Rich at the center. Rich blew our minds with his close-up, slight-of-hand and card tricks. I’ve seen live magicians perform here before and in other venues, but I’ve never been so close up to a performing magician who caused us to sit stunned after every trick he literally pulled out of a bag. Big laughs and great memories from this evening.   Thank you, Rich. My family and I will definitely be making plans to return.  Ephraim C

August 2, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

I had the pleasure  of meeting  Rich, one of the Magic Castle’s many talented  magicians.   He was gracious  enough  to  show us around  the castle to ensure we dont miss out on any  of what it has to offer as well as enlighten me and my group of friends with  the Castle’s extraordinary  history.  What an awesome  night  we all had!! Thank  you, Rich!!  If you  ever have the opportunity  to go, do not miss it! It’s  a one of a kind experience that I promise  you will not regret.  Maria H

July 31, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman! My friends and I love this gentleman so much. He was down to earth and very friendly. Rich took us around on the Magic Castle Tour and briefed us about the history behind it. Our eyes were wide opened the whole time. Also the recommendation on what magic show a must to watch and such. His magic tricks were really neat and we were awed by it. There were no words that we can describe how impressed we were. We will definitely go back again!   Oh please be careful of dress code, they have keen eyes and are really strict about what you wear!  Definitely try the dinner there as well!  Timothy J

July 25, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Had an amazing time at the magic castle with Rich as a tour guide!!! He gave us the most amazing history story of Hollywood and the owners of the magic castle. We saw around 20 little secrets of the castle that we didn’t see on our last visit.  Pierre G

July 24, 2016 (Birthday Party, Park Recreation Room, Santa Monica)

Hi Richard, Thanks for the great show.  Sarina has been carrying around the rabbit since yesterday so I know she enjoyed it.

(Birthday Party for 4 year old) Scott Y

July 23, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

My friends and I visited the Magic Castle on July15th, 2016. In general, it is a great place to be. But, this time we were amazed by meeting Rich Freeman and being the part of his SPECTACULAR performance in the basement. I think it was better than some of the shows upstairs. Whenever you are planning to go to the Magic Castle, make sure that Rich Freeman is going to be there and try NOT to miss his show. You will be very much satisfied.
Thank you Rich, I look forward to seeing you again.  George T

July 22, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is an absolutely amazing host and magician! He made our first experience at the Magic Castle even more special and unforgettable. If you get the opportunity to go on his tour, DO IT! He guided us through all the intricacies of the castle and helped us optimize our night.  Your first trip to the Magic Castle can be daunting. Seek out Rich Freeman when you first arrive and you will not regret it!  Tina N

July 12, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was fantastic!! My favorite act of the night on my visit to the magic castle. I volunteered to be apart of one of his magic tricks and he blew my mind! Def went from a skeptic to a believer and he was so great at engaging and interacting with the crowd, my face hurt from laughing! A must see act 🙂  Jessica T

July 6, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich is an exceptional host!  He has host my fiancé and I on two different nights with guests we brought along.  First time he hosted us, he gave us a very thorough and engaging tour of the castle.  He also gave us a lot historical information on property.  First time I was there, I was about to meet Milt (on of the owners of Magic Castle).  He was sitting with company at one of the bars, but my friend and I were able to introduce ourselves and get a picture with him.  While you’re in the castle, there are a few shows with different time slots for guests to enjoy.  Rich would give his recommendations and allowed us to roam around ourselves.  One of his recommendations was Mike the Bartender.  Mike doesn’t have an official show, but he starts working in the downstairs bar room at 6/7pm and will perform when there are enough people.  Make an effort to go see him! I really really enjoyed his performance. When Rich gets an opportunity, he will also show you a few magic tricks of his own.  Overall, Rich gives you a great experience at Magic Castle!  Li H

July 3, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

It was near the end of our magical night at the Magic Castle and we happen to wonder into an empty room down in the basement. There sat Rich at a table with a deck of cards working on a new trick. He invited us in to sit down and he gave us the pleasure of performing for us. He was fantastic!  Clever and funny as well. He is a true magician with amazing talent, but the best part is how we talked him into performing the new trick he was working on. Even though he hadn’t completely perfected it, he performed it anyway. It was one of the coolest card tricks I have ever seen. He nailed it and concluded our night with such a delightful and fun experience. If you’re at the castle, find him! You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Rich! We can’t wait to come back and see more of your tricks. And thanks again for showing us your new trick.  Jb D

June 30, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

First of all, the Magic Castle will be a magical and awesome experience no matter what, but it is magicians like Rich Freeman that actually make it truly memorable.  There are a few large shows in the Magic Castle and if you walk around, you are bound to walk into some magicians who perform “close-up magic.” It can be card tricks, strings or anything, but this allows you to sit in an intimate setting with a small group and watch the magician perform magic right before your eyes. Rich was extremely personable and friendly. I sat and watched him perform with a group of about 12 people.  He did the usual card tricks, but also had one with a story and many of his tricks involved the audience’s participation. His last trick — we were ALL in awe. Curious about what it was?? Go to the Magic Castle, find Rich, and find out! I had a great time and he’s really funny too! Thank you Rich for the amazing experience!  Lynda C

June 26, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was an excellent magician! I had a great time with my family here. This was an event i shall not forget. I haven’t seen magic like this in eons! Roland L

June 26, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Thank you Rich! You are awesome. A fun night spent with my family at Magic Castle thanks to this dude.  M B

June 23, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

We saw Rich Freeman @ the Magic Castle in June 2016.  He was excellent, great magic, very professional, funny and respectful…. He wasn’t hokey or campy with his routines…. Very cool, well prepared and fun to watch, we had a great time….his close up Magic was really good…. Highly recommend hiring him for any event that you need a magician…  LL DJ  & the Band

June 20, 2016 (Birthday Party 30 year old, El Segundo)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich was great. He came for our buddy’s 30th birthday party and for a bunch of intoxicated 20-something adults he put on a great show. He did some awesome tricks I hadn’t seen before and was very entertaining. Highly recommend!  Adam B

June 19, 2016 (Birthday Party 30 year old, El Segundo)  [5.0 star rating]

Rich came to my house last night to surprise my fiancé on his 30th birthday and he did not disappoint!! He’s truly gifted and very entertaining for both kids and adults like. Thank you for helping make the party amazing Rich!!  Megan M

June 13, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

​Had such a great time at the magic castle. Rich’s performance kept everybody smiling, guessing, and memorized!
Thanks Rich for a great evening. We had a blast!   Bryan B

June 7, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

I had the pleasure of watching Rich perform close-up magic at the Magic Castle recently and all I have to say is….MIND…BLOWN!
Not only as was his slight of hand seamless but Rich is also HILARIOUS! It was definitely a rare treat for me to enjoy his comedy-infused magic show. For those who are lucky enough to be invited to the Magic Castle, ask your waiter to give you to schedule and let him know that you want to see Rich’s show.
And for the unlucky ones Rich does perform private shows as well 🙂  Jon C

May 28, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating] 

Hey Rich, Thank you so much again for a wonderful evening. Ericka and I had the most amazing fun filled time. We both appreciate you taking the time to show us around and hanging out with us for a little while. After we left you we had a delicious dinner and saw a couple of additional shows. Then, later when we left we got pranked by Jay Leno himself. He pretended to be the valet guy and brought me my car. We totally fell for it!! It was so funny and was a perfect conclusion to the evening. It will be airing on his new TV show “Jay’s Garage” in about 10 days on CNBC. Look out for it!  Billy A

May 25, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating] 

Mr. Rich was AWESOME magician we seen by far… Thank you for the good time and we really enjoy your all your magic tricks…

 May 24, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) 

Rich!   You were an incredibly gracious host and we just had the most wonderful time. We hope to come back at some point  and if we do we’ll be sure to reach out. Thanks again for a truly magical night! It exceeded all hopes and expectations.  Kris P

May 2, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating] 
Where do I begin!!! Rich made our night, he was so awesome, yet he was our first Magician to meet at the Castle. He showed two of his fantastic tricks, that had my jaw drop!!!! It’s been a dream of mine to go to the castle and I’m so glad we met Rich he made my experience more special that I would’ve imagine it to be. I can’t wait to see you again Rich!!!!!  Monica G 

May 1, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

Rich was a great host at the Magic Castle. He accommodated our large group and gave us a tour of the castle and was entertaining and funny throughout the tour. After that he constantly kept checking in with us making sure we were seeing the shows. He gave us a private show and his card tricks were amazing. Even blew away the biggest skeptics in our group. My wife enjoyed her birthday immensely, even though the evening started off horribly, because of a limo not Rich or the Magic Castle. We will definitely be back sometime to catch more of Rich’s show and see more great magic.  Eddie F

April 30, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

Rich Freeman was at the Magic Castle on Thursday and did some magic just for my friend and I.  He was amazing and mind blowing.  I was so impressed by his magic and completely in awe over how the tricks were performed.   If you get a chance to see him perform, please do.  You won’t be disappointed.  Angela D

April 29, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

We say Rich’s show at the Magic Castle last night and it was unbelievable.  What a great experience!!  We highly recommend it!  Rossi P 

April 25, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

Saw Rich’s show last Friday night and was amazed with what he could do with cards. Even up close, when I tried to catch how he was doing everything, I still couldn’t figure it out!   Really engaging and funny with his audience. Don’t miss him at the Magic Castle!]  Ben Y

April 24, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

My wife and I had the pleasure of having our 1st visit to the magic castle Friday night. Rich Freeman was the next act in the small room and asked us all to move closer. Rich was an amazing story teller and showman. His magic is up close and as hard as you stare at this hands, you can’t see what he’s doing. Rich was gracious by incorporating as many people as he could into his set. At one point he has almost 30 people surrounding him. Each one of his tricks was more amazing than before, but it was his last trick that blew us all away. If you get a chance to see Rich at the Magic Castle, make him one of your first stops. If you get to see him in another location, know you are in for a great time. He is a true entertainer.  Leo O

April 24, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]
My husband, friends and I were able to enjoy your performance Friday evening. We very much enjoyed it. Thank you so much for a memorable time. You were wonderful.   Alpa P

April 3, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)
My husband and I met you Friday night at the Magic Castle and you were so gracious to show us around. Thank you for spending so much time with us – you really kick started our night and we had a fantastic time.  Barrie K

April 2, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

Magic castle is an experience you must have at least once living in LA. The dinner can be expensive but you have to go a little all out.  The bar food is cheaper but looked just as delicious. The interior atmosphere is really cool, it’s kind of a crazy maze getting around but it’s fun.  All the magicians are really cool and funny. So many rooms to go to. Rich Freeman had an awesome trick that blew my mind. It’s a must go.  Vince R

March 30, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

Fantastic performance. can’t wait too see Rich again. Great personality. Would definitely hire him for a party! Greg E

March 30, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]
Rich is amazing! He was so nice and welcoming. His performance was entertaining and mind blowing, he made it really fun and another reason to revisit the castle!  Alyse D

March 28, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

We’ve always loved going to magic castle. The past 2 visits have been very memorable, thanks to Rich for always giving us an awesome show/magic and for always showing us around. Thanks Rich, you’re the best.  Dhee C 

March 28, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

Wanted to first say thank you for your awesome show 2 weekends ago! It was a great way to end the night and we basically spent the next hour trying to figure out a few of your illusions!   Byron F

March 27, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating] 

Today was my first time here, Rich was awesome! He gave my boyfriend and I a tour of the castle. He also showed us a few card tricks along the way. Definitely made our experience fun!  Violet R

March 27, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating] 

Last night was my first visit to the magic castle and it was truly memorable and special. In particular Rich Freeman’s performance stood out for the intimacy of it. Rather than sitting in a large room, there were about five of us seated around a table while Rich performed card tricks for us. Rich is personable and engaging, and his performance was just the cherry on top of an already perfect night.  Emily P

March 26, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollyood) [5 star rating]

I read a tip you can ask for a CASTLE TOUR from a knight! We did just that and our castle knight, Rich, was the sweetest and gave us a memorable tour of the castle. He gave us a brief history of the castle and then showed us around the places for the different shows and cool little random facts and items in the castle as well. He’s a magician himself so near the end of the tour, he did a card magic trick on me, and that was pretty cool. 5 Stars for you Rich!!  Tiffany L 

March 23, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating] 

Had a wonderful experience visiting the Magic Castle this past Saturday for dinner and show.  On my way out, I was able to sit down and watch an up close and personal show that Rich was performing, with about 8 people.  I am still amazed by his story telling card trick with 4 of a kind (4 kings, 4, queens, & 4 jacks +10).  It was a really cool trick to watch, especially if you are listening to the story he is telling.  I hope to see him perform the next time I get invited back to visit.  Rich your awesome… thank you.   Nick T

March 23, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating] 

Saw Rich this past weekend at the Magic Castle. His show was fantastic, one of the most memorable parts of the night for our group. I definitely intend on returning to the Magic Castle, and I definitely hope to see Rich again next time. Thanks for a great show, Rich!  Richie B  

March 23, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

Rich went above and beyond. It was my first time to the magic castle with my father, We are both into magic and had high hopes for the place. He helped the reputation live up to what we expected. He gave us a tour of the magic castle and showed us hidden secrets about the place as well as the history. He even gave us our own private show at the end. Our night at the Magic castle was a night ill never forget and i hope to be back soon.
5 STARS FOR RICH!!  Alex D   

March 23, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

I had my first experience at The Magic Castle last night, and what an amazing night it was.  I have to say, Rich was one of my favorite magicians.  Not only were his tricks unbelievably astounding, but he is personable with his audience and his fun sense of humor kept us highly entertained!  Thanks Rich, we had a fantastic time!!  Julie W  

March 18, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

Rich was a SPECTACULAR knight!  It was my first visit and by the end of the tour i felt like i knew the place inside and out!  We didn;t have dinner there (which included show tickets) but he helped us with tips on how to get into the shows!  They were AWESOME!   He was incredibly knowledgeable about the Magic Castle history and all the nooks and crannies of the place.  He even gave us our own privae show at the end of the tour!
I highly recommend his services!  Kevin D  

March 14, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

Rich gave us a tour of the Magic Castle on our second visit and was super informative and pointed things out to us that we hadn’t seen on previous visits.
He also gave us our own mini private show, a very talented magician.   Jaime V   

March 8, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

I was invited to the Magic Castle by a family member and although Rich Freeman was not our host that evening we did attend one of his shows and I was happy we did because he was one of my favorite performers. I don’t want to spoil any of his tricks by describing them so I won’t but I will say he was thoroughly entertaining and funny as well, his magic was amazing and he did a great job of incorporating humor into a few of his tricks and because of this had the whole room laughing on more than one occasion during his short show. Even without the humor I would have loved his show, I left the room with a smile on my face and more than a few questions about how he pulled off his magic tricks.  Awesome magician, funny and personable. If you ever get a chance to see Rich Freeman perform I strongly recommend that you do!  Tyler S  

February 21, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5 star rating]

I had the exciting opportunity to visit the Magic Castle with some of my friends, and Rich Freeman was the most amazing host ever!! He took us on a personal tour of the castle, where we were able to see things that we wouldn’t have seen on our own. He also gave us our own private show, and he is such a talented magician!! He is such a captivating performer, and it’s amazing watching his tricks up close! He took such good care of me and my group, always making sure that we were enjoying ourselves. I highly recommend having Rich as your host! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at the Magic Castle, and I can’t wait to go back and see Rich perform again!! Thank you Rich for an unforgettable and magical night!!  Jenny P

February 19, 2016 (46th Annual Wine & Cuisine Tasting Benefit,  sponsored by the Friends of the Sierra Madre Library) (5.0 star rating)

It was SO GREAT to see you last night.  I’ve never seen so many people at the magician’s table.  

THANK YOU again and again for making our event “magic”!!!  Patty M

February 13, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]
Oh myyyyyy! Just went to magic castle last night and met Richard Freeman. My boyfriend and I are huge skeptics when it comes to “magic” shows (especially my boyfriend). Rich changed it for the both of us.. He did the MOST AMAZING MAGIC show ever!!!! My bf and I tend to “always know what these magicians are doing” but with Rich, we have become clueless. He’s too good that he made us BELIEVE. We would love to come back JUST TO SEE HIM PERFORM. Otherwise its not worth it. If you havent seen Rich perform… Youre missing out.  Ross C  

February 13, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

Oh myyyyyy! Just went to magic castle last night and met Richard Freeman. My boyfriend and I are huge skeptics when it comes to “magic” shows (especially my boyfriend). Rich changed it for the both of us.. He did the MOST AMAZING MAGIC show ever!!!! My bf and I tend to “always know what these magicians are doing” but with Rich, we have become clueless. He’s too good that he made us BELIEVE. We would love to come back JUST TO SEE HIM PERFORM. Otherwise its not worth it. If you havent seen Rich perform… Youre missing out.  Ross C

February 13, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

It was an honor to be invited by Rich Freeman to the magic castle. We had an amazing, magical night. Rich is very knowledgeable about the history and details of the place. Took us for a private show and it was amazing!!!!  I have been to magic castle before but this is the best experience so far. Even a skeptic became a true believer of magic when he saw Rich’s performance. Very honored to have us as your guests at the magic castle, Rich! We’d love to go back and see more. Thank you for this wonderful experience !!!!  Mary D

February 9, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)

Thank you so very much for making my birthday celebration a wonderfully fun night.  

The tour and info you gave us was great, and i felt like a VIP.  Darryl D

January 29, 2016 (Birthday Party 1 year old, Pasadena) (5.0 star rating)

Rich performed at my son’s 1st birthday party and I can’t speak highly enough. He was just wonderful. He did a show for the kids and one for the adults. Everyone was amazed by his magic and he truly captivated the audience. It was so nice to have someone there to bring together the crowd. I also priced a lot of magicians because we were on a budget and he was definitely super fair with his price. And he includes tickets to the magic castle! I have nothing but great things to say. I will definitely be using his services anytime I need a magician!!!  Corinne B

January 25, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)

Rich is an illustrious figure at the world famous Magic Castle. His powerful magic effects, comedy and people skills are recognized as unparalleled. He is a consummate professional and universally considered to be one of the nicest, most helpful figures at the Castle. It’s impossible not to like Rich and there’s no way you could go wrong having him as part of any event. Strongly recommended!  

Brian Gillis, World Famous Magician

January 24, 2016 (40th Birthday Party, Palmdale) [5.0 star rating]

We hired Rich to perform for a house birthday party. He was awesome! Everyone loved him and had a great time. He was a great addition to our party. Everyone is still talking about his performance. We all want to go to the Magic Castle to see him again. He was very nice, easy to work with and a fantastic magician. He is very professional.  I would highly recommend him and I hope to see him perform again in the future.  Thanks for a great time!  Jolene

January 21, 2016  (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

This was my first time coming to the magic castle and I had no idea what to expect. Walking through the castle I came across Rich performing. Being the first magician I saw, I was expecting to be impressed. Rich definitely did not disappoint! His tricks were so cool and he kept the crowd engaged and entertained the whole time! He was kind, funny and his magic tricks were great! I fully recommend checking Rich out if you’re lucky enough to be there when he is! 

Thank you!  Ali R

January 19, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5star rating]

Such an amazing experience. Pretty pricey but we went for special occasion so we didn’t mind. The food was great, everyone liked what they ordered, and the service was wonderful.  Our favorite shows were Chris Capehart and El Ropo.  Both acts were funny and entertaining.  We also saw RichFreeman downstairs and he was amazing.  It’s so impressive to watch card tricks that closely and have no idea how he does it.   All in all the Magic Castle was an experience like no other in LA. Worth checking out.  Jamie C

January 16, 2016 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

We got to see Rich perform at The Magic Castle and he was fantastic! We were standing around talking and he invited us in for an impromptu show, had us gather closely around his table and continued to give a great performance with some outstanding tricks. It was our first trip to the Magic Castle, and Rich gave it that extra touch to make it that much more special. Hope to see him perform again!   Janine G

December 13, 2015 (Holiday Party, Downtown, Los Angeles)
Rich!!!! Hello there..  You were awesome last night and kicked ass!!

Thank You,  Yesi

Michael M.  Aliso Viejo, CA  6 reviews[5.0 star rating]
This place is amazing! Very eclectic feel to the place. Kinda feels like a speakeasy from the 20’s. The magicians were awesome. Not only do they have headliners but a bunch of practicing magicians as well. We were guests of Rich and were able to tour the entire castle. The history behind the entire building is intriguing. Drinks were awesome and the food was great. I can’t thank Rich enough for the invite. I will becoming back as soon as I get the chance. A great experience at the Castle. Thanks Rich!

Michael M.  Oxnard, CA  6 reviews[5.0 star rating]
Rich is amazing and the extremely friendly. As a first time guest to the Magic Castle, he invited my family into a room for a special show! He had us cracking up the whole time. If you happen to see him at the Magic Castle, you are in for a treat!!!

Sara K. Tarzana, CA 0 friends 11 reviews [5.0 star rating]
Rich was absolutely remarkable. Simply put, he makes the impossible, possible. Hands down the highlight of my Magic Castle experience. We were late (big no no) and my boyfriend was even later (bigger no no) but the joke was on him because he really missed the best part of the evening which was Rich’s tour and special close up tricks. Ask him to show you what the probability of finding two of the same cards in two different decks (52*52)
It was really hard to watch anything else after watching Rich. He was the best part and I’m going to go back just to see what he’s been working on!
Don’t believe the hype? Go see for yourself.

Rebeca K. Los Angeles, CA 0 friends 6 reviews [5.0 star rating]
OMG! OMG! What?! Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. Rich ‘The Hands’ Freeman is an artist… I am a 1st grade school teacher and I am a  skeptic. The hands are unreal. Rich Freeman is just unreal. This is my first time at the Magic Castle, my sister scored an invitation with him– he’s an old friend of his. He was nice enough to show us around.. And he blew us away with his talent. I am thoroughly impressed. I can not wait to be back to see him. This is a person that you definitely WANT TO MEET. What an unforgettable experience– thanks to Rich ‘The Hands’ Freeman. Wow. Wow. Wow. I just can’t explain

Christine P. Marina del Rey, CA 1 friend 4 reviews [5.0 star rating]
Rich “The Hands” Freeman is SPECTACULAR!!! I have seen him perform twice now and he always delivers a fantastic experience and jaw-dropping close-up magic that blows your socks off and turns skeptics into believers.  He also gives the best tours of the Magic Castle, providing insight into the history behind the castle but also the magicians and members who perform there.  I learn something new every time I’m there, but Rich is my favorite tour guide because he is so much fun!!  Thank you so much for an awesome time this past Tuesday, Rich.  My friends and I were blown away. You ROCK!!

Edward S. Germantown, MD 0 friends 1 review [5.0 star rating]
Rich, thanks again for the opportunity to play in your funhouse.  My wife and I were guests of Christine P. this past Tuesday.  The tour, the shows and dinner made it our favorite LA experience.  Your knowledge of the history of the Castle truly enhanced an incredible treat.  Can’t wait for the next time.


steve J. Los Angeles, CA 0 friends 3 reviews [5.0 star rating]
So glad I got to meet Rich “The Hands” Freeman!  Such a nice guy, and a true entertainer!  He showed my girlfriend and I around the castle, and put on an awesome show.  We had a great time, and can’t wait to go back soon!

Al H. Northridge, CA 0 friends 4 reviews [5.0 star rating]
Rich Freeman..   WOW! What an incredible show!  Totally blew us away.   Rich had already finished for the night at the Magic Castle, but he graciously said he would do one more show for our group.  I am so glad he did.  The magic + the interaction + the timing + the entertainment = A Do Not Miss Show.  Awesome.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Anna M. Los Angeles, CA 16 friends 13 reviews [5.0 star rating]
My boyfriend and I saw Rich at the Magic Castle on Friday night.  Such an awesome show! Rich asked me to think of a card in my head and show everyone my imaginary card.  He opened a brand new pack of cards and in an entirely blank deck of cards was my 5 of spades!  WOW! One of the craziest things I have ever experienced!  Rich is a great magician, funny, and puts on an excellent show!  I hope to go back soon 🙂

Brittany C. Los Angeles, CA 122 friends 7 reviews [5.0 star rating]
Rich is one of the most talented up close magicians I have seen. Had the chance to see a private show of Rich’s the other week at the Magic Castle, and it was absolutely fantastic. Rich is a great entertainer and performer, and was nothing but accommodating to both me and my friend. Rich is incredibly caring and sweet, and his personality is really what makes him stand out compared to other magicians. He would be a great addition to any event one might want to host.

Laura S. Los Angeles, CA 94 friends 33 reviews [5.0 star rating]
I went to The Magic Castle for the first time this week, and I can’t wait to come back! My friend knows Rich, so we started off by watching him do some card magic in a small, intimate room. I’m naturally skeptical of magic on principle, but I enjoy a good show as much as the next person. Rich’s tricks, though, stumped me. His movements are smooth, his confidence is contagious, and he’s such a funny, easygoing guy. My group didn’t want to leave the room even though there were so many shows to see. I can’t wait to come back and visit Rich. He’s entertaining, talented, and a great magician!

September 30, 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

My name is Laura.. you may remember me as the feisty, skeptical redhead that came to The Magic Castle on Monday with my friend Kamaria.  Thanks again for an entertaining and impressive show! I can’t wait to come back.   Laura S

September 4, 2015  (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

I recently went to the Magic Castle for my birthday and your show was incredible! You asked me to imagine a card in my head. I selected the 10 of hearts. The crazy part is, I changed my card from the 10 of Hearts to The Queen of Hearts right before you called my card, The Queen of Hearts! Your show left my groups jaws on the floor! It was amazing!  Thank you for creating unforgettable memories.  Jazmine E

September 1, 2015 (Menchies Restaurant, Sherman Oaks) [5.0 star rating]

Yet again thank you is an understatement! The reviews of you from sunday are non stop phenomenal and great and fun. All of which you are and then-some. Danny and I were watching the Penn and Teller show they have a series on right now and you’d be fabulous on it. Have you been approached to do it or have you thought about it…. do you know about it? Thank you thank you thank you for making a fun party extraordinary as usual!!! 

🙂 Take care of you! Lisa@

August 15, 2015 (Rancho Santiago Vineyard, Acton) [5.0 star rating]
This is Jerry. We met at Barbara & DiMaggio’s Rancho Santiago Vineyard event.  First of all, it was nice meeting you and witnessing your awesome talent! I’m still trying to figure out the skeptic, pretend card trick. How many unopened decks do you carry with you for that trick? I’m still amazed! LoL!  I hope to see you again, at another wine event, soon!  Jerry R

August 12, 2015  (Rancho Santiago Vineyard, Acton) [5.0 star rating]

Rich was amazing!!! I was working at a catering event recently and he was there performing. After the event he was kind of to stay longer and perform for the staff. He was very entertaining, friendly and kind. I can’t wait to se him perform again!  Alec A 

August 11, 2015 (Rancho Santiago Vineyard, Acton) [5.0 star rating]

Rich “The Hands” Freeman came out to Rancho Santiago Vineyard for our event on Saturday, August 8th, “Sunset in the Vineyard”.  Exceptional is an understatement.  We had about 40 people in attendance and he took the time to go table to table to share his magic genius!  Everyone was in awe.  The clapping and laughter continued throughout the night.  Rich has a rare set of gifts that include magic, entertainment and truly enjoying people!  He knows how to have a great time and shares his enthusiasm and fun spirit with those around him. A special thanks to Rich for taking the time to come out.  We are pleased to say he’ll be joining us AGAIN for our upcoming September 12th event, Pre-Harvest at Rancho Santiago Vineyard.  Rich, you are ALWAYS welcome at any and all of our events!  Thank you again! ~ B & D, Rancho Santiago Vineyard, World Wine Source & Education

July 16, 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

 I’ve been fortunate to attend the castle before, but last night was far and away my favorite visit. I went from liking the castle to absolutely loving it!! I would go there every week if I could!
We went hopping from bar to bar and at each stop were meet with some genuinely talented magicians. Bobby and John at one bar, Alfonso at W.C. fields (who performed my favorite coin illusion of the night which was absolutely outstanding) and then casually strolling into the Parlor of Prestidigitation, was absolutely magical in every way.
Of course the icing on the cake was your hospitality and personal attention. I respect the art of magic so much and recognize the time, effort and dedication it takes to be a polished magician. Your personality lends itself to the social aspect of magic and you’re illusions were entertaining and fun. You are an asset to the castle and worthy of the title “Knight”
P.S. Here is a little bit about Taboo and the group I work with. You’re extended family now!

July 4th 2015 (CBS Studio – Special Olympics World)

Thank you so much for giving us a last minute magic show tonight! Jaden was so excited and he’s ready for us to plan our next trip to LA so we can come see you again!! I really appreciate you doing that for us! Have a happy holiday weekend!!  ~Liz Bachrach 

May 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)

Oh gosh, what a grand time my pals and I had with you at Magic Castle.  We will be reminiscing about our evening for months to come.  And thank you for attending my party yesterday.  ??  You may not have been there is body but you were certainly there in spirit.  I had a large gathering at my place which included the group I brought with me to the Castle on Saturday.  I kept hearing comments being made about our previous evening, how amazing it was,  and Rich did this, and then Rich did that, like you were an old buddy.  I also heard “well how did you get on her invite list?”  It was quite fun.  We all appreciate the special attention we received and for making us feel like V.I.P.’s.  Everything about our experience was just A-plus.  All I can say is thank you, thank you, only you didn’t make my sister disappear…HA, HA!   Thank you so much,  Margaret


April 2015 (Birthday Party in Rancho Mirage) [5.0 star rating]

Thanks you both for making my birthday a special event…Everyone enjoyed your magic…and people are still remarking and talking about it.
Thanks again.  Your Friends   Barbara & Bill D.

April 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)

You were such a wonderful host and above all a talented magician at your craft!   Thanks a million for everything and we definitely want to bring Guy’s parents there next year some time, as they will absolutely love it.
A big thank you from all of us!  Love, Adine, Guy, Viv

April 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

I wanted to thank you for taking us to the Magic Castle the other day.  My wife and I were totally amazed at the whole experience and continue to talk to friends about the place.  We still couldn’t get over your card tricks.  Al & Catalina P.

March 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollywood)  [5.0 star rating]

Thank you so much for the invite and the VIP tour, not to mention your very good slight of hand.  I had a great time and enjoyed the evening.  Eagle

February 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

WOW you were right about the Magic Castle, absolutely mind blowing.  We were the for 8 hours! I couldn’t believe it.  Thank you so very much for
getting us in. I gotta say, with all of the amazing magic we saw, you were one of the best of the night.  M. Dela Cruz

February 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollyood) [5.0 star rating]

Rich will make you question reality if you hang out with him long enough.  Michael 

One of the Best Magic Castle Magicians Los Angeles – 5 Stars

Rich Works hard to have the best magician reviews in Los Angeles and to be among the famous magicians that perform at the Magic Castle.

January 2015  (Superior Gunite Company Party, The Odyssey, Granada Hills)  [5.0 star rating]
Thank you for the laughs, trickory and good time.
Everyone enjoyed.
Hope to see you again soon.  Gene

January 2015 (Magic Castle, Hollywood) [5.0 star rating]

Thank you so much for an amazing experience at the Magic Castle this past Saturday.  You made us believe in magic again and even made a believer out of the biggest skeptic in the house that night.  Lisa Alvardo

5.0 star rating


I’ve had the pleasure to attend Magic Castle several times,
every time Rich is performing at a table in a public group setting  I make an effort to go see him, besides been good at what he does, he is gently, funny and engages with every one at the table, making us feel welcome and a part of the show.

Gracias Rich.

February 20, 2018  (300+ Adults Wine Tasting Event, Sierra Madre [5.0 star rating]

​ ​Thank you for your kind Comments and Reviews

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